Innovation Council

The Innovation Council is the E-Cell of SIBM Pune, which was introduced to promote the spirit of innovation and a culture of entrepreneurship among the students with Entrepreneurial Interests. The mission of Innovation Council is to equip students with the required skill-sets through channels of hands-on experience & industry insights, thereby aiding their growth. It strives to provide students with an ecosystem for holistic development as innovators and entrepreneurs.

Innovation Council strives to promote the spirit of Innovation and a culture of Entrepreneurship among the students. We’ve designed our events to add immense value to the life of students at SIBM Pune and our event catalogue supports a Startup right from ideation phase to the funding and functional phase, with the aim to endow students with the right opportunities to build leaders of tomorrow.

Team Members

Sidhant Sachdeva


Kruti Shah

Rohit Katkar

Shagun Mehta

Vaibhav Agrawal

Varun Raut

Vrinda Mathur