The flagship institute of the Symbiosis Society, SIBM Pune has a reputation for producing managers of the highest calibre, built over the last 46 years.

Through a stringent selection process, SIBM Pune picks out students with a drive to succeed, a high level of integrity, a sense of purpose, a strong sense of ethics, proactiveness, and adaptability to change.

The business environment today requires efficient handling of complex, highly unpredictable situations. By providing an excellent mix of highly qualified faculty and unmatched course content, SIBM Pune ensures that its students are well prepared to step into this volatile corporate world and occupy positions of stature.

Industry exposure through a mandatory two-month stint during the summer, interning at a corporate house, alongside a rigorous academic schedule, ensures the students’ holistic development. Extensive corporate interaction ensures the perfect mix of business acumen and academic preparedness in all SIBM Pune candidates.

The strong base provided to SIBM Pune’s students means that the illustrious names from the corporate world recruiting from this institute look up to us to continue producing the leaders of tomorrow, time and again. With a fantastic foundation created by our alumni, SIBM Pune’s students continue to rise from strength to strength and bring new laurels to the institute’s brand.