Name Research Interest Ongoing Work Published Research Work
Dr. R Raman
Director & Professor
  • Informations Systems
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Deriving intelligence related to attrition from Email repository using Analytics
  • Brand Perception and rating using tools of Analytics in tweets
Dr. V V Ravi Kumar
Deputy Director & Professor
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing of Self Services
  • Retail Marketing
  • Green Advertising
  • Advertising Puffery
  • Brand Personality
  • Innovation
Dr. Madhura Bedarkar
Deputy Director - Administration & Associate Professor
  • River restoration
  • Organisational culture
  • Environmental valuation
  • Fiscal policy
  • River restoration
  • Environmental valuation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women Entrepreneurship
Dr. Poornima Tapas
  • Economics
  • Healthcare
  • Women empowerment
  • Social cause
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management
  • Evolution of EU and its future
  • Community Healthcare in India
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Practices in Human Resource Management
  • Neuromarketing
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Women related studies
  • Political Advertising
  • Project Management
Dr. Shailesh Rasotgi
  • Volatility integration of markets.
  • Valuation of transparency.
  • Financial Inclusion, Digitalization and Economic Development.
  • Teaching-learning in B-Schools.
  • Bank Performance and Risk Management.
  • Volatility integration of spot, futures and options market.
  • Literature Review on Valuation of Transparency.
  • Open Banking and Economic development of the poor.
  • Students in B-Schools are customers or product.
  • Ownership and the trinity of profitability, regulation and risk-taking in banks.
Dr. Shilpa Parkhi
    Finance - Costing Corporate Governance Banking Taxation
    Research Paper - Innovation and Ethics Green Supply Chain
Dr. Aradhana Gandhi
  • Retail
  • Benchmarking using Data Envelopment Analysis
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Employee and Customer Engagement
  • Online Consumer Behavior
  • Counterfeit products
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Eye Tracker to understand User Experience
  • Tourism
  • Themed Restaurants
  • Analytics
Dr. Mita Mehta
Research Professor
  • Corporate Governance
  • Employee Engagement
  • General Management
  • HR
  • Diversity and Workplace
  • Gender Binary at workplace
  • Regulator and governance
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Dr. Chetan Panse
Associate Professor
    Operations Management Quality Management IT & Operations Organization Behaviour
    Programmers Productivity
Dr. Vimal Bhatt
Associate Professor
    Customer Experience Management. Customer Engagement. Online Consumer Buying Behaviour. Artificial Neural Network.
    Effect of Customer Experience on Purchase Intention in Tourism. Review Paper on Customer Experience Management.
Dr. Deepika Pandita
Associate Professor
    Talent Management Employee Engagement Orgainzation Behavior Human Resource Management
    Employee Perceptions Drivers of engagement Employee value proposition Gender diversity Emotional intelligence.
Dr. Sonal Shree
Associate Professor
    Learning and Development Human Resource Management Leadership Organizational Behaviour Communication Interdisciplinary (Drama and Literature) Case studies
    Creativity in Learning Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations Case studies in interdisciplinary areas.
Dr. Santosh Gopalkrishnan
Associate Professor
  • Banking
  • Credit Default
  • Analytics
  • Finance
  • Analysing Social Media behaviours using Predictive Analytics for reducing Credit Default
Dr. Vinod Kumar
Associate Professor
  • Marketing Management
  • E-Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sustainability Marketing
Ms. Arpita Sharma
Assistant Professor
    Corporate governance and firm performance (micro finance institution) using data envelopment analysis ( primary area) and investment (secondary area)
    Corporate governance and firm performance (micro finance institution) Using data envelopment analysis (primary area)
Ms. Sunaina Kuknor
Assistant Professor
    Organisational Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Contemporary HRM practices Employee Privacy Employee behaviour at work
    Inclusive Leadership Inclusion practices and its impact on outcomes Organisational citizenship behaviour and self-esteem Employee privacy and turnover intention
Mr. Yogesh Brahmankar
Assistant Professor
    Servitization Service quality Supply Chain Andragogy
    Servitization Andragogy Entrepreneurship Women Entrepreneurship
Mr. Ritesh Khatwani
Assistant Professor
    Related to corporate finance, derivatives and agricultural insurance.
    Agricultural insurance
Dr. Anugamini Priya
Assistant Professor
    Educational leadership and teacher emotions. Branding and sustainability in higher education. Learning, optimism and inclusive practices. Educational management.
    Art based innovation pedagogies in educational institutions. Teacher efficacy and pedagogical changes. Internal branding and university sustainability. Green leadership and green behavior.
Mr. Arjun Panchal
Adjunct Faculty
    Entrepreneurship Intrapreneurship and Innovation
    B2B Innovation
Coming Soon
Dr. Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma
Assistant Professor
    Online Consumer Buying Behaviour E-learning Social media marketing
    E-learning a new age technology and its influence on the youth of India
Dr. Prashant Barge
Assistant Professor
    ERP Systems and Integration Challenges Mid-Level Managerial Report Automations for Better Data Integrity and Visibility Managerial Dashboards for Dynamic Decisions
    Literature Review for Internationalization @ Home – Opportunities and Challenges Post Covid-19 Mid-Level Managerial Report Automations for Better Data Integrity and Visibility – Better Use of MS- Office Tools Literature review on Blockchain Applications for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) and Universities
Dr. Chandra Prakash Gupta
Assistant Professor
    Marketing Entrepreneurship Information Technology & Management
    Green Advertising
Dr. Sanjeev Kadam
Assistant Professor
    Operations ManagementOperations Research & Analytics Supply Chain Management Bibliometric Research
    Bibliometric Research
Dr. Sujoy Sen
Assistant Professor
    Human Resource DevelopmentQuality of Work Life Education Management
    Mindfulness in Education Effectiveness of Research Based Teaching Active Tourist Loyalty Stress & Burnout at workplace
Dr. Akriti Chaubey
Assistant Professor
    LeadershipMotivationWork environment Organizational cultureEmotional intelligenceCreativity and innovation management EntrepreneurshipOrganisation theoryOrganizational behaviourHuman resource management
    Workforce agility Employee well-being Employee creativity and innovation Training and development Work-life balance

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