Select Project Undertaken By Students For The Academic Year 2019-20

Sr. No. Project Title
2020 Analysing digital cold leads and finding ways to improve their conversion
2020 Communication scripts testing for better customer experience and positive brand image
2020 Re-define the role of Fiama Hand wash for consumers living through the COVID-19 crisis.
2020 Analyse review and transform end to end sales operations on Guwahati town with focus on beat planning outlet frequency market supply and SDP performance analysis
2020 Expanding Market Footprint of BD Foley Catheter in India
2020 Small Scale Market
2020 Exploring potential of Schindler Mod T Solutions in Pune
2020 Business Plan for ERP as a SaaS product targeting MSMEs.
2020 Assess opportunities in car lubricants for Bridgestone India and frame a business and marketing strategy
2020 Increase in Digital Self Service Channel Penetration
2020 Playbook for Instore execution in Modern Trade
2020 Leveraging Digital for B2B business of Tubes in a post COVID world
2020 Proposing a effective methodology of local lead generation and DFC engagement + knowledge enhancement
2020 Research Projects and presentations, Preparation of artifacts for project kick-off
2020 Churn Prediction Model
2020 Discovering and recommending technology led best practices and partnerships that can increase and enhance Aviva India's digital customer engagement
2020 A comprehensive analysis of Dial-a-ford and related services.
2020 Increasing the ROI of AHLC marketing investments
2020 Opportunity assessment for smart home devices in Indian appliance market. Identify key categories in home appliances where IoT enabled devices can create disruption. Quantify the size of the market for such Oppurtunity.
2020 Competitive Analysis of Haldiram
2020 Project 1 - Dealer Survey to understand satisfaction levels with PIL Servicing & to understand market trends post Covid scenario.
Project 2 - Dealer & WSS Survey in Periphery Areas to understand the Opportunities & Challenges
2020 A comprehensive analysis examining the Indian Grease market, focusing on key trends, developments, challenges, business opportunities, and major suppliers. Explore market opportunities and challenges for TATA Bearings
2020 Understanding the digital journey of motorcycle customer purchase and mapping it to the sales funnel
2020 Improving Customer satisfaction surveys in EI Business
2020 Build Condition Awareness around Tooth Sensitivity
2020 Analyzing data and designing Customized to Order product upgrade options and merch actions for increasing conversions.
2020 Understanding MCM channel utilization vs competition(ex HCP preference form emails/ video content ,SMS, etc)
2020 Quality Rejection Analytics
2020 To develop a strategy for increasing the base for number of part lines purchased by distributors. (All distributors must purchase min > 1000 Part lines every Qtr.)
2020 Design Internal forecasting dashboard that helps improve forecast accuracy for E-commerce at Godrej Consumer Products Limited
2020 Creating Digital Customer Journey for GPs, PAeds, and ENTs for AI.
2020 Formulating a comprehensive strategy to scale up Yippee! Noodles in Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh
2020 To Explore and Accelerate the relevance of the Air freshener Category in living spaces of Indian Households.
2020 Setup an alternate GTM - Telecalling
2020 Prepare a strategy for boosting revenue from the TATA Steel Aashiyana portal from existing 300 Cr in Fy20 to 600 Cr in Fy21
2020 Putting in place a DIY Platform for Dealer onboarding and empanelment in near real-time basis
2020 Market research and solutioning for active bids at that time
2020 Improve Lead Conversion in Skilled Waterproofers Program
2020 Online Lead Generation & Management
2020 Understand and map customer usage and attitudes in the liver tonic category
2020 Marketing Analytics - Process Improvement
2020 New Business Model Development- Distributor Feeder Model
2020 Benchmarking Best Practices Across Globe to scale up Digital Sales
2020 Premium Customer experience in Company Owned & Dealer Operated (CODO) Showrooms.
2020 Drive online conversions while working on lower marketing funnel and design a strategy of 6 months plan for collecting and targeting 1p audience
2020 Building a strong consumer brand in Vitamin D segment
2020 Creating a blueprint for linkages between activations and supply chain in the modern trade channel.
2020 Himalayan GTM : Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency
2020 Ideate and launch HealthRx website which will not only have company information but will also be the website (web version) for HealthRx app.
2020 Design and Management of the Website
2020 Customer Acquisition Strategy
2020 Consumer Marketing Insights
2020 Impact Of Covid 19 on Automotive sector and way forward
2020 1. Trade Loyalty Programs
2. PIL Portfolio Design for selling on Ecom
2020 User Marketing Strategy & Implementation for Dr. Fixit
2020 Net Promoter System - Analytics for Motorcycles and Probiking
2020 Project 1-Marketing Communication Analytics using MCQ tool
Project 2- Alternative Channels Of Marketing Engagement
2020 Project 1 - Digital Connect Program for Joineries
Project 2 - Customer Value Mapping against competition for Joineries
2020 Develop and Implement strategy for success of growth brands on E-commerce for GCPL
2020 Understand online consumer behavior, assess competitors and formulate the execution strategy for tyre services e- commerce leveraging
2020 Develop a GTM for direct to consumer channel liaisoning with partner companies who have direct to consumer channels
2020 Assessing Market Potential of exports of Organic Pigments
2020 Understanding and evaluating emerging channels of distribution in WEST. Suggest how to leverage these channels to increase distribution footprint and develop a cost optimized model
2020 Channel Segmentation for 2 and 3 wheelers in Nigeria
2020 Analytics on past sales incentive data and recommendations for changes in incentive policy along with the automation of the incentive calculation process for Godrej Properties Limited.
2020 Prepare a high-level business plan for Managed Security Service delivery for enterprises
2020 Service Sales Project (liable to change- as of now)
2020 Formulate a Go-to-market strategy for Wills Navy Cut with the objective of establishing a national footprint in the premium segment
2020 Synerge Open UI Re-engineering
2020 Increasing engagement rate in social media platforms through social media marketing strategy
2020 Determining EV Drivers Preferences for Charging Infrastructure & Revamp Tata power Digital Presence to increase customer engagement
2020 Developing a PAN-India Real Estate Pricing model and an automated inventory classification system.
2020 1. Assessing the pilot launch of Bluefix in Chennai
2. Estimate opportunity size of double sided tapes in Pune
2020 Critical Analysis of Preventive Maintenance Strategy and Optimisation Measures in FMC
2020 Assess the impact of Covid-19 in servicing and demand of OTC products at pharmacist and showcase the best alternative models to best service the pharmacist channel
2020 Competitive Intelligence Dashboard
2020 Evaluating brand performance on Key Social Media Platforms for the B2B2C brands R|Elan and Recron Certified. Analysing our performance on social media and deriving insights to maximise effectiveness and optimize return on investments.
2020 Standardization of Dealer Digital Footprint
2020 Transforming marketing of content in the hyper-digital world
2020 GTM Strategy for Netsavvies Webinar
2020 Streamlining Digital Platforms for customer touchpoint & Enhancing Capabilities of Internal Team. with Becton Dickinson and Company
2020 New World Order for CPG Industry
2020 To study different kinds of Agency Sales Models in the industry, analyze best practices and recommend a model for Aviva Retail Agency Distribution
2020 Studying inverter battery and HUPS market and recommend sales and marketing strategy
2020 Process Improvements in Marketing Analytics
2020 Cracking North East
2020 MIN-MAX inventory setting based on Secondary sale potential, assessment of Demand supply management
2020 Formulate the National expansion strategy for Cinthol outside its core markets at Godrej Consumer Products Limited
2020 Trade Marketing / Activation Models Evaluation + Activation Catalogue and Effectiveness.
2020 Impact (Quantitative and Qualitative) of value created by Technology assets across the organization
2020 Expansion of Madura Central trade in Eastern India
2020 Identify growth levers for REACH market and suggest ways to leverage the same to build a sustainable business model.
2020 Improvement of Operations Excellence Processes which could drive partner capability and customer connections
2020 Market Research and solutioning for active bids at that time
2020 Establish new consumption occasions for Sunfeast Dark Fantasy - Online & Offline
2020 Post COVID Consumer Behaviour Analysis
2020 Development of a market insights MIS tool / dashboard for BSVI Commercial Diesel Engine which maps all the OEM's and provides monthly insights @ OEM, Application, engine & component level
2020 Unlock Opportunities and Identify Growth drivers to further accelerate Scotch Performance for Diageo Brands in Karnataka
2020 Driving same store growth in retail, wholesale, spokes- analyse perfect store data and plan for how to leverage post lockdown
2020 Evaluate and Recommend alternate channel engagement/service plan for GI Prima across digital community platforms and ecommerce
2020 Industry Trends
2020 Measure effectiveness of GSK Competitive Sales Call Model Taking GSO as behavioral observation to Prescriber conversion count.
2020 Find Ways & Means to Optimize Trade spends in General Trade Channel
2020 E-commerce strategy and business planning for Passenger Cars customers
2020 Sales for tuition packages, getting maximum business from leads
2020 Understanding the consumer behavior and competition trends for the sleep disorder market (Insomnia only) Knowledge, attitude and practices for different cohorts.
2020 Evolution of Quality Engineering Offering Development
2020 Comparative analysis of the product portfolio of SBI LIFE vis a vis top life insurance companies
2020 Improving the efficiency of a new product launch process
2020 Corporate Vending -Food
2020 Benchmarking the best financial practice within the Industry
2020 Understanding of key levers of sourcing and supply chain for spices and pulses
2020 Custom Credit Underwriting for HNIs and Ultra-HNI Clients
2020 Developing a predictive pricing model for Tata steel recycling business.
2020 BI reporting using various analytics techniques
2020 Analyse and Explore Cost Saving Opportunities and Suggest Process Improvements
2020 Plan a strategy to increase ROCE of Godrej Pune Properties to 20% by FY23
2020 SLA/OLA Optimization for all processes and Finalize approach for Transactional Pricing
2020 1. Impact of IMA and capital floor within FRTB
2. Risk based P&L attribution
2020 Value-at-risk (VaR) Methodologies
2020 Business Restructuring 
2020 Financials and non-financials benchmarking with global and national players
2020 Data COE set-up -Automation of Manual Process
2020 Contractor Performance Evaluation
2020 People Academy: Re-skilling Workforce
2020 Account Based Marketing - Opportunity Identification
2020 Conversational ROM Estimator
2020 Project Management for Vendor Master Data Audit Prep
2020 To create a dashboard for the Travel and Entertainment spends database
2020 Impact of COVID-19 on the Telecom Sector
2020 Opportunity Assessment of Soaps and Detergent Manufacturing
2020 Trust Your Supplier - Supplier Qualification & Risk Management
2020 To advise Senior Management and the Board of Fiat on the sale of its Robotics business to a Strategic Buyer
2020 Launching TCMS PPP for Projects Business Completing P1
2020 Automation of Bank Reconciliation
2020 To frame a monitoring report for intraday risk management.   
2020 Procurement Data Analytics
2020 Freight Process Re-Engineering
2020 Understanding the car lubricants, assess the business opportunity for Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd., and form a business and marketing strategy
2020 Prepare a Buy Side Pitch for Maruti Suzuki India
2020 Banking & Financial Industry Regulatory Changes & Challenges in European Region 2019 & 2020.
2020 Process Assessment for ATR and OTC Bots for Automation opportunities.
2020 Understanding the car lubricants, assess the business opportunity for Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. and form a business and marketing strategy
2020 4 Projects: Under Internal Audit Team:
1. S4HANA impact assessment on existing Financial reporting controls
2. Building analytics models for identifying exceptions in Journal voucher postings Under Corporate Development and M&A Team.
3. Finding a strategic partner in China
4. Finding a suitable Russian Company for divestment
2020 Optimum mix for transport vendors to find the optimum cost
2020 HR best practices and Productivity Analysis in BFSI Sector
2020 NextGen Commercial Integrations
2020 To create and implement an end to end automated offboarding process
2020 Enhancing employee experience and benchmark sales structure
2020 Develop a Career Framework for the Organization & Design a Launch Plan to Embed the Career & Development Tools
2020 1.Leveraging Design thinking to build Talent and Learning interventions by a pull based learning enabled by technology, design and culture levers
2.Leveraging Predictive HR analytics to drive Talent retention and engagement (EWS Enhancement + HR Dashboards)
2020 Attracting Diverse Talent to Tata Steel Limited
2020 Develop a learning module covering critical must-knows of the role for Area Executives in the Modern Trade Channel
2020 Designing Recruitment and Hiring playbook for Lenovo India Pvt. Ltd.
2020 To create a holistic employee engagement framework focusing on Officers Club as a lever
2020 Onboarding Design and Early Attrition Analysis and Mitigation plan
2020 1. Benchmarking study: Identification of HR best practices across Industry in the areas of Talent Management, Learning & Development, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion and Employer Branding
2. Conceptualization and implementation of People Development Conference 2020
2020 To map employee processes to identify Moments that Matter and recommend ways in which we can impact those moments that matter to enhance overall employee experience
2020 Next Gen Learning & Development
2020 1. Create a framework and platforms for driving a culture of Peer-to Peer and Social Learning among Supervisors of India country businesses staff aimed at enhancing their Supervisory Capability.
2. To increase the effectiveness of communication and uptake of various key messages / information by the employees in context of COVID-19
2020 Induction Module -Frontline Sales Team and re-design R & R Program
2020 Digital Learning stickiness
2020 Roadmap to increase the proportion of employee referrals in hiring & Preparing for workplace after COVID - Digitizing the talent value chain
2020 Design the capability framework and learning modules for Godrej Professional at Godrej Consumer Products Limited
2020 To re-create Employee Engagement strategies in these current scenarios & To benchmark D&I practices across different industries
2020 Build campus market intelligence methodology that will help get real time insights on key talent groups and smart campus targeting
2020 1. Company Culture Audit for Great Place to Work.
2. Learning Experience Platform Evaluation.
3. Shadowing of Project Manager.
4. Content Development of Global Newsletter.
2020 1. Connecting Employees to GPL's Purpose: Helping employees connect with the Purpose Statement and how they can link it to their work and impact on customers.
2. Identifying measures to make employees at site engaged and productive by drawing up a scalable engagement plan across all GPL sites
2020 Time rules standardisation and simplification
2020 Stepping up Marico's Stature and Relationship in B Schools & Identify focus areas for disability suited for Marico
2020 To develop a learning organization tool as a Central Repository
2020 Creating a High-Performance workforce for FAAS & Farm Machinery
2020 Redesign Org Induction Content & Policies at ABFRL level to create a One-ABFRL Experience
2020 Digital Recognition Platform for AP using BI WW
2020 Create a career value proposition and enable right career shifts for our people, aligning to the Next Generation Growth Model goals
2020 HR Analytics and Productivity
2020 Design, Deployment and Analysis framework implementation for the Annual Salary review Feedback for Employees and Line managers
2020 MD morale & motivation & Career management for CL 7 & above
2020 1. Company culture audit for GPTW
2.Online Learning experience platform evaluation
2020 Role Definition for Critical Roles in the Manufacturing and Communication Business Unit
2020 Making OLA benefits competitive amongst the new age companies and our employees (both existing employees and potential employees)
2020 Early in Grade Impact 2.0
2020 Understand online consumer behaviour, assess competitors and formulate the execution strategy for tyre services e-commerce leveraging.
2020 Strengthen Talent Management practices at ITC's Agri Business Division
12020 Reinventing performance review process- MSGAI LABS PVT LTD.
2020 Organisation Design & development and Leadership Capability Assessment for Reliance Retail
2020 HR Transformation: Industry Trends & Human Capital Client Needs across five verticals
2020 Advanced Onboarding Practices
2020 Career navigation toolkit for commercial operations
2020 Designing a 1 year Roadmap for Strategic Hires and Re-designing of Candidate Care, On-Boading, Induction & Functional Orientation
2020 Employee Health Risk Mitigation
2020 Manpower optimization at unit level
2020 1. Use the voice of customer(NPS) to significantly enhance customer service
2. To measure productivity of employees across departments and functions in Aviva and benchmark with insurance sector.
2020 Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Project Management and Opportunities for Cisco to enhance Connectivity in India
2020 Synchronisation and development tool for machine shop in-house planning to reduce material planning downtime
2020 Process assessment for Prague bots for Automation opportunities
2020 Launching Shell branded Car Care in E-commerce space
2020 Intelligent Analytics of Bulk Chemical Imports
2020 Studying end to end supply chain
2020 Analysis of Scaled Agile Model used in Spotify. 
2020 Develop a Digital SOP and document handler for Maintenance team
2020 Logistics Planning for the export of Enrocin
2020 Account based Marketing-opportunity identification
2020 Deploying best in class Quality Culture in PCP2
2020 Market Analysis of AU Bank operations under Govt Business Domain - AU Small finance Bank
2020 Collaborative Optimization Tender Analysis and Platform for Historical Commodity Best Price Strategy
2020 Order Management System Improvement
2020 Statistical Modelling & Data Visualization in Logistics
2020 Review of reasons for invoice rejection and compilation of top issues vendor wise for 1 time communication for "pass thru businesses",and streamlining the process for invoice submission across vendors.
2020 Leverage Digitalization to Provide ROI for Channel Activations
2020 Creating a quality audit framework for TOP5 critical process with sharper SLA TO ENHANCE PARTNER PROMISE DELIVERY
2020 MRO Procurement Optimization
2020 Develop negotiation strategy for negotiating (Rs/T) transport cost for all destinations to fetch best benefit of announced Gross Vehicle Weight Norm
2020 Global Service Shop
2020 MIS Improvement for OTIF Model
2020 Strategies to improve energy usage at CBM fields
2020 To Design an Inventory Dash-Board for TSK
2020 Identify opportunities and threats for METRO in the B2B segment basis a comprehensive competative analysis.
2020 Project Management for the development of a B2B e-commerce application
2020 Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile Model
2020 Understand online consumer behaviour, assess competitors and formulate the execution strategy for tyre services e-commerce leveraging.
2019 Design a comprehensive employee experience program for the employees of Tata Steel Kalinganagar
2019 Feasibility and research on running an app based loyalty program for customers. Design the program with functionality of the app and method for redemption of points
2019 Enable Success for New Sales Officers through data based training customisation at Godrej Consumer Products
2019 Fine Arts - TG Understanding & Market Estimation
2019 Influencer marketing - identify potential for influencer based marketing, build relationships with prominent influencers and run a pilot program and provide roadmap for conductive campaigns with influencers
2019 Market Intelligence - Market potential and roadmap for AG expansion for key GM and MRO segments such as - specialty chemicals, LED, Oil & Gas etc and competition benchmarking by segments
2019 Recommend a strategy for business through depots going forward
2019 Reduce the order taking time for the TSI in Fevicryl selling outlets
2019 Measure and improve the effectiveness of Fevicryl Art Corner (FAC) outlets. The FAC program is a year-long dealer engagement program which is run specifically at key Fevicryl selling outlets. The project is to understand the merits and shortcomings in the existing model and bring out the best practices to make it a more effective one.
2019 Bus Segment and Electrification
2019 Understand and recommend product design and pricing for residential developments that fall under the jurisdiction of ITP (Integrated Township Planning) for Godrej Properties
2019 India B Brand Strategy - Portfolio & Potential
2019 1. To manage the production, stakeholder approval & release of all the packaging related artworks for Glucon-D & Nycil post acquisition by ZydusWellness
2.To monitor the ongoing Nycil Medical Program in UP & Maharashtra and to revamp the mechanics and the marketing content AV
2019 Strategic Evaluation & Recommendations on Bajaj Corporate campaign i.e The World's Favourite Indian Campaign at Organisational Level
2019 Option Pricing and FX2.1 Margining Methodology
2019 Technology Transition in off-grid Solar PCU
2019 Redefining Onboarding and Recruitment experience of candidates using Design Thinking principles.
2019 Developing and Validating the Marketing Mix to Establish WD 40 as a DIY Household Brand.
2019 Identify ways to embed learning in Level 2 managers of Godrej Consumer Products in India
2019 Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Interest Rate Risk in Banking Books
2019 Lithium ion vs Lead Acid Technologies for Data Centre Applications
2019 Go to Market Strategy for Renal product launch
2019 Deeper Understanding and Develop implementation strategy for Consulting physicians
2019 Conversion of Unicorn Customers to BAL
2019 Talent Acquisition
2019 Oncology in Government Schemes and Institutes
2019 "End-to-end optimisation of Ranitidine hydrochloride process cycle for meeting customer demand through comprehensive gap analysis"
2019 Rewards and Recognition
2019 Assessment of Returns to be Provided for commercial deposits raised by an airport operator
2019 Enhancing Fevicol consumption in Rural Markets- Observations, Analysis and Recommendations
2019 Market study [Key products/ Business models/ Financials] for Cloud Hosting /
2019 "Conversion of Authorised Service Dealerships To Branch".
2019 How to increase output of PP Jodi's?
2019 Forecasting Intermodal & Positioning Costs involved in Shipping Cycle
2019 Comparative analysis of indirect modes of distribution in cigarette industry in North Bengal
2019 Market Research & Analysis for Soft Ferrite Market, Manganese-Zinc based and Nickel-Zinc based products for Indian and International Markets.
2019 Evaluation and Redesign of shopfloor incentive scheme at Ranjangaon.
2019 Improvement in Inventory accuracy
2019 Lithium ion vs Lead Acid technologies for Data Centre Applications
2019 Design and Implement OffRoad-Bajaj Auto's flagship event
2019 Career Profiling( Career dossiers, Learning Interventions and Career Pathing)
2019 Enhancement of Distributor Operational Efficiency through Score Card
2019 In depth understanding of Kids Market and consumer buying Behaviour , Build a Merchandise grid to support Age wise buying strategy
2019 New Revenue Channel for Licensed Brands
2019 Piloting service center for Fastrack bags.
2019 Emerging B2B model in trade distribution
2019 Storage battery market opportunities in offshore Oil and Gas Industry in India
2019 MyAviva Customer Portal & Digital Kiosk - Increase Engagement via Personalization
2019 Drive Customer engagement in our key markets where Digital as a medium can be leveraged to the maximum potential.
2019 1. Capability Building Framework for Manufacturing Units across South Asia Region (SAR)
2. Defining and executing reverse mentoring in Technical division
2019 Nangrow- Consumer Insights and digital communication
2019 CRM onboarding and comparative analysis vis.a.vis Wooqer
2019 Understanding the Auto Grooming Market Landscape and Recommend Where to Play and How to Win for Motomax
2019 Scoping out the Usage of M SEAL Putty across end users and DIY Consumers
2019 Development of e- module for technical training for the Copper business at Hindalco
2019 BTL Activations
2019 Behavioural study of Rajasthan Cattle funding portfolio delinquency
2019 Evaluating the effectiveness and communication of PILs schemes across different stakeholders in Rurban/STI(Small Town India)
2019 1) Production efficiency
2) Procurement of new machinery
2019 Textiles Induction and On boarding Program and Mobility Support Framework
2019 To analyze attrition and retention for ABFRL.
2019 TSI & BDE Scorecard Review
2019 1.) Consolidation of investment outlook/criteria for various class of Investors
2.) ICICI Bank positioning in debt syndication market against its major competitors and strategy to improve market share
2019 Training Needs Identification and Implementation of Business Intelligence in the organisation
2019 How to increase our share in SBR latex category in West Bengal (Kolkata)
2019 Presales role in the area of development of GTM strategy and innovative customer acquisition strategy in Mechanical Engg areas.
2019 Engine Business PFR reporting analysis and benchmarking process with global process
2019 Listing the entry of overseas Material Handling Equipment companies in India and their impact on the Indian MHE industry
2019 Tiger Creams was restaged in Nov'18. The project involves assessing the impact of restage and recommending way forward on disrupting the value creams market.
2019 Contractor DSR role to be strong influencer to develop contractor loyalty, scheme participation, sales influence of luxury product and improve success of MS program
2019 Competition and Market Benchmarking
2019 Route-To-Market Strategy Implementation
2019 Analysis and review of in-house contract expenses of last 3 years
2019 Automation of Export Vendor Billings
2019 Market Expansion of Power plus and creating a compeMarket Expansion of Power plus and creating a competitor strategytitor strategy
2019 Phase 2 development of the Genie App
2019 Develop a communication framework and learning tool to increase employee awareness around R and R framework
2019 Develop a process of import RTV from SEZ plant leading to improved cash flow and consequent opportunity cost
2019 New-Age GTM Rollout
2019 Benchmark Loyalty programs of VCL/TML/FFPL and recommend the best Loyalty program and process for Retail Parts Channel
2019 To develop business intelligence and data visualization tools to draw on insights into regulatory exceptions at the Market Regulatory Supervision desk at Barclays Global Markets, Mumbai
2019 Improve the achievement of Supplies as per the customer required dates
2019 Upgradation of HR Manual
2019 Talent management
2019 Business Process optimisation of Pre Trade Approval
2019 Develop Sales Strategy for a Piramal Realty Pvt. Ltd. Project
2019 Project PerformNext: Designing and implementation of Productivity matrix for Lifestyle Brands
2019 Policy and performance management streamlining
2019 Pride of being in Respiratory
2019 MYRIAD Data Convergence and Adoption
2019 Marketing- Gas Induction Impeller
2019 Defining and executing Key Thought Leadership projects under CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation program.
2019 1. Recommendations in implementations of AI in operations process of telecom sector.
2. Creating Power BI dashboards for telecom accounts
2019 Customer Research - Study of the applications of Wastewater Treatment and Technology
2019 Understanding the scope for plumbing contractors
2019 1. Evaluating merit in moving to role based pay instead of grade based pay for the bank?
2. Creating a rehire fitment automation macro
2019 Skill Sector Opportunities in India
2019 To study builder segment who undertake interior/furniture making & develop a module to engage builders and drive business development
2019 (1) Understanding Hiring Manager Capability In Being Talent Magnet
(2) Internal Mobility
2019 Factory Cost Controller & Working Capital Management
2019 1.Leveraging the Digital medium to establish connect with the Arch / ID and benchmarking against the best in class of the industry
2.Commercial proposition for Contractors' upgradation
2019 To study wedding opportunity in different market
2019 Create Channels on GVC App for Functional Academy (HR & IT, for SMCC and Finance if time permits)
2019 Cloud Computing-Application Product Creation
2019 Auto sequencing model of a production plan to optimize energy utilization
2019 Analyse, study and suggest cost cutting measures in merchandise management.
2019 Comparative Analysis of Public Private Partnership Models in Road Sector
2019 Complete invoicing through ShipX
2019 Credit Analysis of JPMorgan Counterparties
2019 To improve GR2 Salesman Efficiency
2019 Wealth Management
2019 GTM strategy of cloud based services for FY20
2019 TI India lab Equipment Forecasting Project
2019 1. Morgan Stanley as employer of choice.
2. Employee experience
3. India GIC explained
4. HR compliance - Maharashtra Shops and establishment act
2019 Industry analysis of mineral sector of Australia, India, and Vietnam and financial statement analysis for the top three companies for the same countries.
2019 Analysis, Validation of "Intermodal - Other Costs" & Savings Opportunity Identification for L&S Business
2019 To study and understand the impact of expansion of capsule cigarette industry in the western states of India and find opportunities to leverage ITC's portfolio to garner further market share.
2019 "Project Title: Focus Range Selling - Shift Unique Lines per Outlet in Mumbai Metro"
2019 Create a Country wide tie-up for dealer staff hiring (Sales & Service)
2019 Shortage free engine free % compliance till 1300 op sequence for NVKQ/KV engines
2019 Network Space Opportunity in Business
2019 1) Capacity utilisation across product queues to forecast resource hiring and cross-skilling
2) Incorporating ESG factors in financial decision making.
2019 Validating and Integrating the metrics delivered by People Supply Chain and presenting it using POWER BI.
2019 Study the AS-IS process and design the TO-BE process for SAP-APO implementation in FDY-IDY Polyester business
2019 Reduction in Maersk incurred accessorial charges
2019 1. Creating interventions for providing unique experience to GMCs in Mahindra and potential recruits on campus.
2. Developing the delivery model for GMC Career's framework.
2019 Analyzing the effectiveness of the existing strategies and increasing the sales of HoReCa customers with a focus on Profitable categories
2019 Create a business model for JIO cloud gaming and create a GTM for the same
2019 Creating a structured L&D compendium and MIS for M&Q by mapping all the existing training.The training need identification and Training Effectiveness Process
2019 Talent Assessment for mid and senior level management at UPL Ltd.
2019 Develop a Prevention of Harassment program for the pan India country businesses
2019 Career planning for Campus Recruits who have joined the firm in the past 3 years
2019 Building a marketing launch plan for Jio World Centre
2019 To study the As-Is process and design the To-Be process for POY SAP APO implementation
2019 Mapping of Attributed Capital-Derivatives
2019 Evaluating the feasibility of extending the HIT brand into other home care categories
2019 1. Revamping Orientation Program
2. Fostering Mentoring Culture in the organization.
2019 Channel Expansion in Mumbai Region
2019 Digital Signage - The Market synergy from 2019 & beyond
2019 Complete Invoicing through ShipX
2019 Competitive Benchmarking and implementing new B2B marketing strategies
2019 Product Control EMEA Structured Derivatives
2019 Understanding the role of AI in making rewards decisions for the company
2019 Management of market pilot of study table in North East
2019 High Performance Benchmarking of the talent management practices (in the areas of performance,leadership and talent analytics and insights)
2019 To improve the reach and market share of Mother Dairy products in Delhi
2019 Electrical vehicle: benchmarking of electric vehicles battery and motors
2019 Increase the reach and market share of Mother Dairy products in Educational Institutions in Delhi
2019 Design of performance appraisal mechanism for blue collar employees, Absenteeism reduction strategy in blue collar employees
2019 Digitalising Customer Communications and building Analytical Capabilities to drive performance
2019 Exploring potential business for group B presses (small presses) and forged petrol engine crankshafts
2019 Increase Numeric distribution of Rs10 Jelly shapes & Bites through Wholesale
2019 Share Back Lending Process optimisation/ Capability Development Program
2019 Project 1- prepare a model for ASA prediction for Fidelity's call centers.
Project 2- establish a correlation between call volumes and VIX(Volatility index) across various Workplace Investments products.
2019 Customer Notification of Change - Process Enhancement
2019 Analysis of CEI dependence on Fidelity call centre operations parameters across all the product range and suggestions for increasing optimization
2019 Digitization and Integration of Primary and Secondary Sales Databases
2019 To drive the usage of the B2B application of ITC
2019 To understand from Gastroenterologists about their service need gaps and expand the physical GutFit program to Gastroenterologists
2019 SEO Recommendation & Implementation and SEM Experimentation
2019 Design an entry strategy for protein based supplements
2019 ROCE for Channel partners of B2C Product
2019 PTPR - Evaluate End to End Customer Approach, Sales Pitch, Product Pitch, Site Securing, Site completion - Quality & Timeliness and Propose ways to improve customer delight and NPS
2019 Project 1: Business Strategy to introduce Loungewear Category in Christy
Project 2: Drive growth in Online sales of Christy
2019 Identification of bottlenecks in the existing sales process and revamping it to facilitate sales effectiveness
2019 Marketing Plan and Demand Generation for Channels in Each Region
2019 The Next Wave
2019 Employer Branding
2019 GTM Analysis for banking and capital markets.
2019 Scaling up Soap sales in the North and South Parganas district in West Bengal for Godrej Consumer Products
2019 Drive Rural Efficiency in the General Trade Sales Channel for Godrej Consumer Products
2019 Product Control
2019 Brand Awareness Analysis (through social media)
2019 Improve project's profitability in the south zone
2019 Distributor Engagement Program
2019 Improving Coverage,Increasing Sales Mix and Formulating Loyalty Program
2019 Study of training needs across different organization in IT/Digital Industries and formulate a training plan for OneIT
2019 Conduct a market research regarding the IV sets used along with Infusion pumps
2019 To develop a differentiated campus strategy for NIVEA India
2019 1. Optimisation of Contract Labour
2. Stabilization of Diploma Contract Workers at Patalganga Manufacturing Division
2019 1. Standardising Employee Demise Process at Cisco
2. Employee Experience and Employee Engagement Best Practices
2019 Product Innovation team SOP finalization & Roll-out
2019 Impact of vacancies on the governance
2019 Bridging the gap between causes of dissatisfaction of strategic clients and actual services rendered, flagging risks through prediction and preventing the same for new/existing clients
2019 Development of market expansion strategy for Naval weapon systems & engineering systems for in international markets.
2019 Create a channel partner program for MMR
2019 Leveraging AI and digital to build the refreshed Godrej Industries selection and recruitment toolkit for business school campuses
2019 Create a sustainable recommendation action plan to drive employee wellbeing in a high pressure environment
2019 Develop a strategy for product/asset classes for 6 Encore Projects for Godrej Properties Limited
2019 To build a marketing strategy for technical training modules provided by the Corporate Technology and Engineering Academy of Larsen and Toubro, and become the first-choice training provider by penetrating into the untapped ICs.
2019 To segregate retail outlets in three categories and setting the permanent journey plan of the Sales Representative across Bangalore city.
2019 To conduct Santoor Dealer Display Contest in Karnataka region
2019 Leveraging use of technology in order to redesign current campus recruitment process
2019 Driving Distribution For Advance Portfolio
2019 Analyse potential corporate client base in Bangalore with dispersion for Mumbai Nasha & Delhi Nasha, To share the insight on the objections by clients & agencies and develop the data points for sale team to counter it back and win the sale for DN & MN .
2019 Claims Collection and Bureau Process
2019 Study and reduction of Claims Settlement Cycle
2019 Strength analysis of vendors in services
2019 Budget and Non-Budget approval framework
2019 Construction benchmarking
2019 Creation of Operations Health Dashboard
2019 To reduce the cost of Operations/delivery for Pune
2019 Creation of Operations Health Dashboard
2019 Identify major gaps in our print-ad strategy for retail sector in Meerut that is making us lose out to digital-ads. Device practical, implementable plug-ins for these gaps.
2019 Analysing Market Potential & Creating a Marketing Campaign to increase visibility of the Football academy.
2019 Sensitivity Analysis And Stress Testing of FTE
2019 One District One Product Scheme- A Marketing Strategy for Chikankari Industry of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh
2019 Build Compelling offer to key stakehokders - Dealers and Influencers
2019 Creating a comprehensive plan to activate salons/barber outlets for Godrej Expert Rich Creme at Godrej Consumer Products
2019 To design a framework for measuring the Return on investment of branding on different media for select product categories
2019 To grow the Packaging Coating Market of AkzoNobel in India.
2019 Research & Analysis of financial instruments and Customer acquisition strategy
2019 E2E Logistics IT Infra enhancement
2019 To study buying behaviour of premium interior emulsion customers, challenges and way forward for Dulux Velvet Touch. What are the key issues in decline in brand preference of VT amongst dealers, contractors and suggest a marketing plan to increase market share
2019 1. Identify the competition's revenue and possibly the ROS numbers for 2018.
2. Identification of potential of marine paints with various fisheries across Konkan belt of Maharashtra.
2019 To efficiently and effectively contribute to the Coatings division of the AkzoNobel India Pvt. Ltd. by the virtue of identifying potentially convertible construction projects in the Delhi NCR region and thereby bring delta impact to the topline.
2019 To create a learning framework for Lenovo AP Ecommerce and Marketing
2019 1. Improving the call answer rate on the LFN and standardization of call handling to improve NPS
2. End-to-end dashboard for sales