Research Conclave 2023

15th January 2023, Pune.

The Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune (SIBM Pune) strives to increase the intellectual capital of the students. As part of this endeavour the Research and Scholastic Development Team (RSDT) of SIBM Pune organized the inaugural version of its event 'Research Conclave’. The event was held on the 13th of January, 2023.

The conclave began with an enriching keynote session on the “Importance of Qualitative and Quantitative Academic Research in the Application of Industry,” by Dr. Lipika Dey, Chief Scientist, TCS Research. The speaker's main focus was on which aspect of data needs to be focused on while explaining different fields. There is a vast amount of data that is produced these days from different mediums such as social media, smartphones, and devices, and getting the right source for your study is very important. After getting the correct data, weaving them into getting the right picture along with asking the right questions is very important in research, and the speaker presented various use cases across industries to affirm this logic. Some new technological advancements, such as neural networks powered Chat GPT, were also explained as how data has led to developing it the way it is today.

This was followed by an illuminative all-women panel discussion with Dr. Archana Mishra, Head of Quality at Amrita Hospital, Kochi; Ms. Kriti Trivedi, Director, Indian Institute of Development Management; and Dr. Shabana Khan, Director, Indian Research Academy. The panel was moderated by Dr. Anugamini Srivastava, Assistant Professor, SIBM Pune. The experts at the meeting expressed their views on the “Importance of Academic Research to make Students Industry Ready across Various Sectors.”

Dr. Mishra gave insights on how seeing things in a 360-degree view helps to better understand issues and in decision making thereby improving business performance. Identifying the right topic in our area of interest which aligns with the industry trends drives the way toward useful research. Ms. Trivedi, helped students to understand why academic research is important as this helps the corporate and consumer perspectives. She also threw light on defining the boundaries of questions, collecting the right data, and the big challenges of collecting authentic data free of biases impact research. To find the right topic we need to do backend research and identify the stakeholders. Dr. Khan talked about global research’s importance in the health sector and the power of observation with critical thinking.

The panellists highlighted that the researchers should assess their area of interest and their long-term perspective while choosing a topic to ensure that the research is productive. The discussion spotlighted how taking an all-around perspective improves our ability to understand problems and make decisions, which enhances business performance. It also covered how defining the research's scope, gathering accurate data, managing accurate data free of biases, and choosing the right topic impact research and ensure that it will be fruitful.