ESG Conclave SECC 2022

With an aim to introduce the next generation of business leaders to the large field of sustainable growth, its elements, the current state of ESG in India especially, and the prospects that lay ahead for them, SECC had organized its first-ever ‘ESG conclave - Samavesh’. The three-day conclave was jam-packed with numerous national-level competitions and illustrious sessions by industry leaders. The competitions held were Model G-20 Summit, Enigma - an ESG estimate competition, and Vikalp - a case study competition that saw huge participation and provided the competitors with valuable learning opportunities.

The keynote address , on ‘ESG: Zero to One’ by Mr. Mukund Rajan, Chairman of ECube Investment Advisors Private Limited, on ‘ESG: Zero to One’ provided excellent insights to the students on the idea of ESG, how important it is, and how it would affect corporate culture in the future. The panel discussion on ‘ Incorporating ESG Values in the Corporate Culture’ featuring eminent speakers Capt. Tapas Majumdar, Chandru Badrinarayanan, Smita Pandey Mishra with the moderator Rahul Nene, gave insights on sustainability risks that could significantly harm a company's value and aided them in looking for opportunities to use these practices and gain competitive advantage.Richa Pant and Abhishek Ranjan's discussion on ‘Is developing India ready for ESG’ also provided some eye opening statistics about ESG in India. Through the lens of Satish Ramchandani and Dr. Nitin Dumasia,on ‘Building Careers through ESG’ offered insights into how businesses are putting a priority on sustainability and understanding on how ready India is to incorporate all three environmental, social and governance factors for a better tomorrow.

With the growing importance of ESG, ‘Samavesh - an ESG Conclave’ was an effort to spread awareness among the students to pave the path toward sustainable development.