Name Research Interest Ongoing Work Published Research Work
Dr. R Raman
Director & Professor
  • Informations Systems
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Deriving intelligence related to attrition from Email repository using Analytics,
  • Brand Perception and rating using tools of Analytics in tweets
Dr. V V Ravi Kumar
Deputy Director & Professor
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing of Self Services
  • Retail Marketing
  • Green Advertising
  • Advertising Puffery
  • Brand Personality
  • Innovation
Dr. Madhura Bedarkar
Deputy Director - Administration & Associate Professor
  • River restoration
  • Organisational culture,
  • Environmental valuation
  • Fiscal policy
  • River restoration
  • Environmental valuation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women Entrepreneurship
Dr. Poornima Tapas
  • Economics
  • Healthcare
  • Women empowerment
  • Social cause
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management
  • Evolution of EU and its future
  • Community Healthcare in India
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Practices in Human Resource Management
  • Neuromarketing
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Women related studies
  • Political Advertising
  • Project Management
Dr. Shailesh Rasotgi
  • Volatility integration of markets.
  • Valuation of transparency.
  • Financial Inclusion, Digitalization and Economic Development.
  • Teaching-learning in B-Schools.
  • Bank Performance and Risk Management.
  • Volatility integration of spot, futures and options market.
  • Literature Review on Valuation of Transparency.
  • Open Banking and Economic development of the poor.
  • Students in B-Schools are customers or product.
  • Ownership and the trinity of profitability, regulation and risk-taking in banks.
Dr. Shilpa Parkhi
  • Finance - Costing
  • Corporate Governance
  • Banking
  • Taxation
  • Research Paper - Innovation and Ethics
  • Green Supply Chain
Dr. Aradhana Gandhi
  • Retail
  • Benchmarking using Data Envelopment Analysis
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Employee and Customer Engagement
  • Online Consumer Behavior
  • Counterfeit products
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Eye Tracker to understand User Experience
  • Tourism
  • Themed Restaurants
  • Analytics
Dr. Chetan Panse
Associate Professor
  • Operations Management
  • Quality Management
  • IT & Operations
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Programmers Productivity
Dr. Vimal Bhatt
Associate Professor
  • Customer Experience Management.
  • Customer Engagement.
  • Online Consumer Buying Behaviour.
  • Artificial Neural Network.
  • Effect of Customer Experience on Purchase Intention in Tourism.
  • Review Paper on Customer Experience Management.
Dr. Deepika Pandita
Associate Professor
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Orgainzation Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Employee Perceptions
  • Drivers of engagement
  • Employee value proposition
  • Gender diversity
  • Emotional intelligence.
Dr. Mahima Mishra
Associate Professor
  • International Business/ Marketing, Enterpreneurship
  • Macro Economics
  • Mining policy of Indian government and doing business in India intiative
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Indian automobile industry
Dr. Sonal Shree
Associate Professor
  • Learning and Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Interdisciplinary (Drama and Literature)
  • Case studies
  • Creativity in Learning
  • Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Case studies in interdisciplinary areas.
Dr. Santosh Gopalkrishnan
Associate Professor
  • Banking
  • Credit Default
  • Analytics
  • Finance
  • Analysing Social Media behaviours using Predictive Analytics for reducing Credit Default
Coming Soon
Ms. Arpita Sharma
Associate Professor
  • Corporate governance and firm performance (micro finance institution) using data envelopment analysis ( primary area) and investment (secondary area)
  • Corporate governance and firm performance (micro finance institution) Using data envelopment analysis (primary area)
Ms. Sunaina Kuknor
Associate Professor
  • Organisational Inclusion and Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Contemporary HRM practices
  • Employee Privacy
  • Employee behaviour at work
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Inclusion practices and its impact on outcomes
  • Organisational citizenship behaviour and self-esteem
  • Employee privacy and turnover intention
Mr. Yogesh Brahmankar
Associate Professor
  • Servitization
  • Service quality
  • Supply Chain
  • Andragogy
  • Servitization
  • Andragogy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Women Entrepreneurship
Mr. Ritesh Khatwani
Associate Professor
  • Related to corporate finance, derivatives and agricultural insurance.
  • Agricultural insurance
Dr. Anugamini Priya
Associate Professor
  • Educational leadership and teacher emotions.
  • Branding and sustainability in higher education.
  • Learning, optimism and inclusive practices.
  • Educational management.
  • Art based innovation pedagogies in educational institutions.
  • Teacher efficacy and pedagogical changes.
  • Internal branding and university sustainability.
  • Green leadership and green behavior.
Mr. Sandeep Bhattacharya
Adjunct Faculty
  • HR analytics
  • Economics
  • Information systems
  • HR analytics (PhD topic)
  • Deriving intelligence related to attrition from Email repository using Analytics
  • Revenue leakage for e commerce companies
Mr. Arjun Panchal
Adjunct Faculty
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intrapreneurship and Innovation
  • B2B Innovation
Coming Soon
Dr. Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma
Assistant Professor
  • Online Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • E-learning
  • Social media marketing
  • E-learning a new age technology and its influence on the youth of India
Dr. Prashant Barge
Assistant Professor
  • ERP Systems and Integration Challenges
  • Mid-Level Managerial Report Automations for Better Data Integrity and Visibility
  • Managerial Dashboards for Dynamic Decisions
  • Literature Review for Internationalization @ Home – Opportunities and Challenges Post Covid-19
  • Mid-Level Managerial Report Automations for Better Data Integrity and Visibility – Better Use of MS- Office Tools
  • Literature review on Blockchain Applications for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) and Universities
Dr. Chandra Prakash Gupta
Assistant Professor
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology & Management
  • Green Advertising

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