Learn From Home

The Corporate Interface Team SIBM Pune was proud to present Learn From Home (LFH), a webinar series for the students of SIBM Pune, to ensure a continuity in their learnings despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The first speaker for LFH was Mr. Sri Charan Lakkaraju, Founder, CEO at stuMagz. He discoursed on the key lessons for successful entrepreneurship such as introducing innovative solutions that have a direct impact on the people and the importance of having a quality network of people.

Next, we hosted Mr. Shashank Kumar, Founder & CEO, DeHaat. Mr. Kumar explained at length, the core competencies of Dehaat such as alignment through data between farmers and businessmen as well as the framework of aggregation and distribution on a single platform.

The final speaker for LFH was Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Director, Knowledge First Financial Services Private Limited. Dr. Kumar explained about the current financial landscape, the impact of the pandemic situation on the global equity markets, as well as some opportunities and advantages that it presents for the Indian economy.

The Learn From Home series was a great success and the interactive sessions provided great value to the students of SIBM Pune.