Social, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell (SECC)

The Social, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Cell (SECC) is a student-driven body at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune and one of the nine teams of the student council. The team functions under three wings - Social, Entrepreneurship and Consulting. The main aim of the SECC is to:

Bring about a change in the minds of students, inspire them to take up entrepreneurial activities, build the startup ecosystem in the campus and bring the students in line to the country's startup culture.

Instill a social responsibility in the minds of the students and contribute their part to the society. Assist budding startups through student consulting and thereby provide exposure to the students on various industries.

SECC conducts various events as part of their three wings over the year and works in the single intention to promote the student culture at SIBM Pune.

Team Members

Diya Thomas


Kanaparthy Yagna

Kunal Goel

Manish Pujar

Prasad Kulkarni

Ravneet Chhabra

Shradha Bapna

Shubhankar Dutt Semwal

Contact US

Phone No: +91-20-2811-6087


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