The fifth edition of Gravitas'19, the Inter B-school Sport Fest welcomed over 7 colleges this year. The theme was chosen to be ‘The Fury of The Forces’ which depicts the 4 elements of nature and the powers which they possess. With over 10 events being conducted, each arena followed the theme of the Forces. With an aim to make Gravitas big and better, we had over 200 students participating from institutes such as NMIMS, NITIE, KJ Somaiya, NICMAR, SCMHRD etc.

The opening ceremony consisted of all the Captains passing on the Flaming Torch to one another and finally came together to light the bon fire which depicted the start of Gravitas. The first match of the tournament started with Cricket - KJ Somaiya v/s NICMAR, Pune. KJ Somaiya definitely turned out to be the stronger team with chasing a total without losing a wicket. The next match being SIBM v/s NITIE where the home team had won a losing match with Ujjwal Tiwari and Vaibhav Chitalia as their saving grace. Football started off with SCMHRD v/s SIBM where home team comfortably won the match with Vinay Rawat-1 and Manas Gajula -2 scoring for the home team (3-0), NITIE v/s NICMAR turned out to be a tough one with NICMAR taking the win. Volleyball match was SCMHRD v/s NITIE where NITIE turned out to be a powerful team taking the win. Badminton Men’s being KJ Somaiya v/s NITIE where KJ Somaiya scored a win & Table Tennis where NICMAR scored an easy win against NITIE.

The second day consisted of Carrom where KJ Somaiya took the final match against SIBM & Pool where Kartik Miglani helped SIBM take the final match against KJ Somaiya. In Volleyball, SIBM took the game away against KJ Somaiya. The Finals turned out to be heated with SIBM v/s NITIE which was a very close match although NITIE took their win by taking a lead in the final set. In Badminton Men’s SCMHRD v/s NICMAR began as a good game although NICMAR took the win by a large margin. KJ Somaiya v/s SIBM turned out to be an easy win and the Finals SIBM v/s NICMAR, although a tough match, Satyajeet Jagdhane, Pritam, Prakhar Gupta and team played brilliantly to score a win. Women’s match started with NICMAR v/s SIBM which was an easy win for the home team and met KJ Somaiya in the Finals where KJ Somaiya gave a good fight although SIBM won the Finals. Table Tennis Men’s, SCMHRD v/s KJ Somaiya where SCMHRD won the match, NICMAR v/s SIBM was an easy win for NICMAR where NICMAR ended up taking the Finals against SCMHRD. TT Women’s where NICMAR took the win against NITIE and ended up winning the Finals against SIBM. Basketball Women’s turned out to be a comfortable win against SCMHRD with Ayshu Varsha & Saisaben Sijapati on the scoring end and Rimil Kujur & Pooja Kharat handling the defence. The Men’s match consisted of SCMHRD v/s SIBM where the home team won with a huge margin with the help of Santhosh Kumar, Nishchhal Shrestha, Vidyut Bhawnani, John Joseph, Prithvi Singh (78-27). NITIE v/s NICMAR was a close call with NITIE taking the lead in final quarter.

The Final day of Gravitas had a few interesting matches lined up. Chess was taken home by SIBM after a close win against KJ Somaiya by Rohit Malligullam. In Cricket, NMIMS v/v SCMHRD had a close match with NMIMS taking the match. KJ Somaiya v/s NMIMS, where the opening batsmen of KJ Somaiya won the match. The Finals was between SIBM & KJ Somaiya where SIBM changed the game in the last few over and secured a huge victory. The football Finals where the home team was against NICMAR, a scintillating match going into extra time where John Joseph & Abhishek Bhattacharya were responsible for SIBM taking the trophy home. Squash Men’s had a clear winner in SCMHRD who managed to beat SIBM & KJ Somaiya. Squash Women’s was won by Dimpy Khirwar of SIBM with a comfortable victory against KJ Somaiya. The Basketball Men’s Final SIBM v/s NITIE was indeed a heated one where after being neck to neck during the 1st two quarters, SIBM’s Santhosh Kumar, Prithvi Singh & Vidyut Bhawnani taking the lead (59-40) and emerging as the winner.

The closing ceremony of Gravitas’19 consisted of the representatives of each participating college carrying their respective flag. The Contingent trophy was won by the home team by securing top positions in various events. The Sports Management Team with help from their Event Managers ensured that the events ran smoothly and ended memorably