This year, SIBM Pune's annual extravaganza, COLOSSEUM ‘23, unfolded like a dazzling spectacle under the resplendent theme of "Royal Rumble." This grand event, held on the 31st of July, transported attendees into the realm of medieval nobility and the theatrical intensity of wrestling's hallowed halls.

Colosseum offered a magnificent platform for the 2 batches to showcase their prowess, both in management and culture, to combat and emerge as the best batch of SIBM. The morning was a battleground for intellect and leadership with events like Bizzol Fire and CEO Trailblazer, leaving audiences spellbound. A captivating tie between the two batches during this session heightened anticipation for the grand showdown ahead.

The cultural segment of Colosseum was nothing short of a carnival of creativity. Drawing inspiration from the world of wrestling, events like Glam Slam, Talent SmackDown, and Rhythm Rave added vibrant colors to the tapestry of talent.

An inevitable part of the show was Rajneeti, the flagship event, which featured candidates passionately presenting their manifestos and culminated in a riveting propaganda. In the end, MBA 2 emerged as triumphant champions, hoisting the Colosseum '23 - Royal Rumble trophy with immense pride.

As the curtains descended on this remarkable event, it left behind a trail of cherished memories—of laughter, unwavering determination, and artistic brilliance. While the echoes of Colosseum may have faded for now, it is certain to return next year, promising an even more extravagant and fiercer spectacle.