Brand Charades

Brand Charades is a highly anticipated marketing competition for the first-year students of SIBM Pune. The competition challenges the students to think outside the box and also provides a platform for students to showcase their creativity, marketing prowess, and theatrical skills.

The competition consists of two rounds. The first round is an elimination round. The top 12 teams made it to the finals of the competition – India’s Best Mark-e-Baaz this year.

In the final round, these teams were assigned unconventional products to market and sell through an enactment in front of a live audience. The teams were then judged basis creativity, original thought, presentation, and marketing relevance.

Brand Charades is an excellent opportunity for students to put their marketing knowledge and skills to good use. It is a unique competition that strikes the perfect balance between fun and learning and tests the student’s marketing prowess and creativity on various parameters.