Ascend 2019

Ascend is an event undertaken by the Aspirant Relations Team of SIBM Pune. It was aimed at visiting coaching institutes in various cities throughout India to address MBA aspirants and to answer their queries such as:

    How to prepare for entrance exams?

    How to tackle various sections?

    How to strategise our exam to make the best out of the given time?

    What is the scope of various specialisations?

    What is life at a B-school like?

This was the first time that the event has been conducted, and it saw tremendous participation from both the coaching institutes and the aspirants.

The event took place from 9 August 2019 to 11 August 2019. This year, Ascend was held in 8 cities. The event provided a platform to interact with around 1500 students from various cities.


The primary aim of this initiative was to give the aspirants the perspective of a B-school student on what it takes to reach the B-school of their dreams.

The following were the objectives of Ascend:

    To famiparize aspirants with SNAP, SIBM Pune

    To clarify their doubts regarding other exams

    To provide insights on various sections

    To discuss strategies that our team employed in various MBA entrance exams

    To understand where aspirants stand with the help of a sample mock


There was tremendous response from every city with aspirants actively participating in the quiz and asking queries.

Online Promotion:

The online promotion of Ascend 2019 started on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram on … with the following series of posts:

1. GK Shots:
A series of posts with the recent happenings in various sectors were posted regularly to help aspirants build their knowledge in Current Affairs, while promoting Ascend 2019.

2. Vocab Builder:
A set of vocabulary-related questions were periodically posted to help aspirants get an idea on various kinds of vocab questions. The vocab builder was also a series of posts aimed at promoting Ascend 2019.

3. Infomania:
Infomania is a set of short videos that discussed tips and tricks in various areas of different sections. This small set of videos saw overwhelming response from aspirants who wanted us to keep posting more such videos.

Online Forums:

To further solve queries of aspirants about SNAP, SIBM Pune and other relevant topics, we started publishing answers and articles on platforms such as Quora and InsideIIM. We are looking forward to posting such articles on other platforms such as pagalguy, carrers360, etc. to increase our outreach.