The Aspirant Relations Team of SIBM Pune organized Advent 2023 - the first offline event for the batch of 2023-25. Advent marked the beginning of the B-school journey. Amidst lectures, assignments, campus and Pune exploration, students got the opportunity to indulge, experience, and rejuvenate themselves.

Advent 2023 theme was ‘Fun Fiesta.' There were 2 buzz events and 3 main events that unfolded over the week of 14th to 21st July. The fiesta began with an online ‘Lucky Draw’ creating a campus-wide buzz. This was followed by ‘Say my Name’ that witnessed unforgettable duels amongst students putting their connections to the test.

The main event, ‘Red Flag Green Flag,’ added a twist to the classic Squid Games quest. Every move counted as the batch spirit ignited. Then, it was time for ‘A.R.T. it out’ - an artistic Chinese whisper game. Each student added their hilarious spin on an evolving artwork. The perfect saga came to the perfect end with ‘Need For Speed’ with students racing against the clock channelizing their inner Flashes.

Advent 2023 opened an avenue for students to transition into their B-school life and acclimatize to the campus. It was a carnival that forged friendships and created priceless memories.