Advent 2019

Advent is a photo and video competition aimed at giving the students of MBA-I, SIBM Pune, an opportunity to show their talent in photography and cinematography. This year for Advent ’19, the students were asked to portray the campus, their talent and passion and capture them with their lens.

The event had 2 competitions-

  • 'Marvel'ous Snap (Photography competition)
  • Vision Quest (Videography competition)

The event witnessed tremendous response for both the competitions. Vision Quest received 14 video entries and Marvelous Snap received 191 photo entries.

The online promotion of Advent '19 began on 5 July 2019 on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The entire promotion was based on the theme "Avengers". The teaser poster for Advent '19 was released on digital platforms on 5 July 2019 and the main poster went out on 7 July 2019. The event was also promoted using a teaser video that was released on 6 July 2019 and a main video that went live on 10 July 2019. The students were given 6 days' time to submit their entries.

During this time, an online daily quiz was conducted to engage the students wherein a set of photographs were presented to the students, and were quizzed to guess the correlation between them. The students were hinted to view the Advent '19 video for clues.

Students were judged on the basis of creativity, passion, technicality, location, relevance and cinematography. The following were the categories of awards:

Marvelous Snap:

  • Winner
  • Runner-up
  • Best Location
  • Best Cinematography

Vision Quest:

  • Winner
  • Runner-up
  • Best Emotion
  • Best Location

Quiz Winners - 3>

The results were declared amidst MBA-1 and MBA-2 students at Colosseum 2019 on 21 July 2019.