Aarohan Event Report

In our relentless pursuit of inspiring ethical decision-making and nurturing principled choices, the Social and Governance Cell of SIBM Pune organized its first-ever ethical decision-making conference, "Aarohan: Unveiling the Power of Choices," on 12th August 2023.

The conference resonated as a remarkable triumph, serving as a platform for in-depth deliberations on an extensive spectrum of topics that hold pivotal significance in today's ever-evolving business landscape. These discussions included "Promoting Ethical Practices in Organizations," "Decoding AI: Unravelling the Boon or Bane Debate," and "Sustainable Finance and Ethical Investing: Aligning Profits with Social and Environmental Impact."

Distinguished guest speakers, including Mr. Bhaskar Roy (Client Partner at Fractal), Mr. Vishwanath Jha (Founder & CEO at Saarthi.ai), Ms. Roshani Mohandas (Founder & CEO at UNIQIN.AI), Mr. Aparajit Bhandarkar (Partner, Varanium Advisory Private Ltd.), Mr. Pankaj Agarwal (Co-founder & MD of Just Organik), and Mr. Ram Chaitanya (Founder & CEO of Ecowiser) graced the event with their profound insights.

In addition to the engaging and thought-provoking discussions, "Aarohan" also played host to national-level competitions that offered students a unique platform to put ethical decision-making principles into practice. These competitions included "Niti-shastra," a case study challenge designed to ignite critical thinking and creative problem-solving, as well as "MUN," a Model United Nations event with a focus on ethical diplomacy, fostering international relations skills and ethical decision-making. Furthermore, "C-Suite," a corporate boardroom showdown, pushed students to make ethical choices within simulated corporate scenarios.

The impact of the event was truly tangible, leaving participants with a profound understanding of ethical decision-making and an elevated sense of responsibility towards ethical practices in their future careers. As we look back on its resounding success, we are filled with immense enthusiasm to continue this enlightening journey. Our inspiration stems from the unwavering passion and dedication exhibited by our participants, the invaluable wisdom imparted by our esteemed speakers, and the vibrant discussions that unfolded throughout the conference.