SIBM, Pune hosted Mr. Deepak Acharya, Director & Associate General Counsel, Procter & Gamble Singapore at the campus for a session on “Corporate Athlete- An Introduction”. The session was organized under Imperio, a series of guest lectures aimed at providing opportunities for students to interact with stalwarts from the corporate world by the Corporate Interface Team. A corporate athlete, Mr. Acharya explained is the managerial equivalent of a trained and disciplined athlete- untiring and determined. By shifting focus from managing time to managing energy a manager can evolve into a corporate athlete.

To achieve this, he stressed the importance of learning to manage oneself first and then others. With various examples under his belt, he elaborated on the four principles essential to be a corporate athlete. Understanding interconnected energies, the importance of recovery, capacity building, and positive daily habits were explained in a detailed fashion.

Mr. Acharya demonstrated the power of emotional intelligence and purpose with videos that reeled the students further into the session. He also stated anecdotes from his vast legal experience that helped the students connect with the speaker. After a round of entertaining questions from the young minds, the session drew to a close and Mr. Acharya bid farewell to the enlightened crowd.