Yoga- A case of reverse InnovationYear: 2015

Authors: V.V. Ravi Kumar and Shubhra Aanand
Journal: Purushartha: A journal of Management, Ethics & Spirituality
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: Purushartha: A journal of Management, Ethics & Spirituality
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Yoga as a practice has been followed in India since times immemorial and is believed to have originated in India. Rishis in ancient India practiced it as a spiritual discipline to keep themselves fit and healthy. As migration of people starting happening globally due to business, education, employment and trade over the past five to six decades, this tradition got exported to the developed countries from an emerging market like India. Thus Yoga can be termed as a case of “Reverse Innovation”. Today a developed country like the United States of America is among the biggest markets for Yoga apart from many other developed nations. In st view of the all-round health benefits of Yoga on the human body, 21 June has been declared as the “International Yoga Day” by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). This paper focuses on the relevance of Yoga as a spiritual practice and its gradual evolution into a business case of reverse innovation.