About this course

As a part of Management Development Programs (MDPs), the Certificate Program in Fundamentals of Management is offered by SIBM Pune as an online certificate program. This is being offered in a 100 % online synchronous mode and will be taught ‘live’.

The program is designed to provide participants with fundamental knowledge in business management which can be used in strategic decision-making in the current turbulent business environment as well as the tools you need to leverage technological disruption and digital transformation that is the need of the hour.

The program will help participants to understand the essentials of management and learn the techniques to address fundamental business challenges. On successful completion of the program you will acquire relevant management skills as well as a better understanding of global business, growth strategies and ways to apply the new skills and knowledge to fuel your as well as your organization’s success.

Course Content

The program will include in the following subjects

Name of the Subject Taught by
1. Principles of Management with an introduction to International Business Prof. Sandeep Bhattacharya
2. Fundamentals of Business Analytics Prof. Dr. Abhijeet Lele
3. Basics of Organisational Behaviour with an introduction to HR Analytics Prof.Dr Deepika Pandita, Prof. Sandeep Bhattacharya
4. Basics of Accounting with an introduction to Stock Market Prof.Dr.Bhama Venkataramani, Prof. Ritesh Khatwani
5. Basics of Managerial Economics Prof. Dr. Madhura Bedarkar
6. Information Systems for managers including an introduction to AI, ML and Block Chain Prof.Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman, Prof. Dr. Dhanya Pramod
7. Basics of Marketing Management with an introduction to Digital Marketing and an introduction to Pharmaceutical Management Prof. Dr. V V Ravi Kumar, Prof Rohitesh Gidwani
8. Basics of Legal aspects of Business Prof. Dr Santosh Gopalkrishnan
9. Basics of Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain management Prof Yogesh D. Brahmankar, Prof. Dr. V V Ravi Kumar
10.Fundamentals of Innovation Prof. Arjun Panchal

Faculty Members

Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman


Professor and Director, Symbiosis Institute
of Business Management - Pune & Dean -
Faculty of Management- SIU

Dr. Bhama Venkataramani

PhD in Financial Management

Professor and Dean,
Academics & Administration at SIU

Dr. V V Ravi Kumar

Phd (Management), MBA (Marketing), Bsc. (Mathematics), UGC-NET, CAIIB

Professor & Deputy Director
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Dr. Abhijeet Lele

Fellow in Management (FPM- Doctorate), B.E.(Computer Science)

Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Dr. Deepika Pandita

Phd (Management), MMS (HR), MCom (Management), UGC NET

Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Dr. Madhura Bedarkar

Ph.D. (Economics), M.A. (Economics), M.P.M.

Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Dr. Santosh Gopalkrishnan

Ph.D. (Banking), MBA (Finance), UGC - JRF + NET, SEBI (FERP), (CS - Executive)

Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Prof. Yogesh D. Brahmankar

PhD (Pursuing), MBA, BE (Mech), UGC-NET

Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Prof. Arjun Panchal

MBA (Marketing + IT), BE (Electronics and Communication)

Adjunct Faculty
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Prof. Sujaykumar Vardhmane

Professor of Human Resources from Toronto

Head of Corporate Relations and Full Time
Professor of Human Resources from Toronto

Prof. Ritesh Khatwani

Phd (Pursuing), MBA(Fin), BBA (Fin), UGC NET

Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Prof. Rohitesh Gidwani

PhD (Pursuing), Bsc. PGDBA

Visiting faculty
and Corporate Trainer

Prof. Tenzin Rabgay

MBA in Entrepreneurship, PGCHE, BBA

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Corporate
Governance. Gedu College of Business Studies
Royal University of Bhutan

Prospective Participants

Who should join?

  1. Any graduate or those who are pursuing their graduation or post-graduation, who would want to learn basics of management from one of the premier B School of India – SIBM Pune - and also get certified in essentials of management can join this management development program
  2. This course will also be helpful to corporate professionals who wish to learn the fundamentals of management.

Why should you join?

The 8-week online program is focused on building the knowledge in management fundamentals. The subjects have been carefully chosen to offer a well- rounded overview of the ‘first principles’ of management as well as a close look at contemporary business practices. This program would give a sneak peek- can be called a trailer- to what an MBA programme would look like.

Course Pedagogy

  • The course will be taught online (100 % synchronous, live sessions)
  • Sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be posted on the program website for participants who miss the session.
  • "Break-days" will be scheduled after every week to give participants an opportunity to ‘catch up’ on any missed sessions as well as provide reading time.
  • These days will be used to clarify the doubts / queries that participants have.

  • Sessions will be scheduled with a few subjects at a time to offer variety as well as prevent ‘same instructor fatigue’ in participants.
  • Sessions will be held 2 hours a day in the evenings after working hours on all working days and 4 to 6 hours on every Sunday
  • Teaching methods shall include.

  • Live tutor led classes
  • Pop up Q&As
  • Study Material (Presentations, Industry articles, Case lets)
  • Discussion forum
  • Participant Q&As
  • Case lets and industry examples

  • Evaluation

  • Evaluations will be carried out via pre-scheduled live, timed quizzes in MCQ format
  • Registration

    Eligibility Criteria:

    A participant must hold an under graduate degree (10+2+3/4) from a recognized university in any discipline or must be pursuing an under graduate degree program

    The final selection of participants will be based on an online video interview.

    Application Process:

    1. Click on the Apply Now button at the top of the page.
    2. After filling your name, email id and mobile number, you will receive an email with a link to the application form. The email will also have the USER ID and PASSWORD to login. Enter the form and duly fill the application form.
    3. After you fill the application form and pay the application form fees (Rs. 250 + GST) for the form is complete and submitted.
    4. You will then receive a confirmation email stating "Your registration is complete and we will contact you if you are shortlisted"
    5. Once the shortlisting process is done, all the shortlisted participants will receive an email stating "You are selected for this course", and will receive a URL with credentials where they can pay the course fee for the program. (Rs. 5000 + GST)
    6. You can start the course from the starting date of the program

    Course Fee

    Fee Particulars Amount
    Application Fee * Rs.250 + GST
    Course Fee * Rs.5000 + GST
    * Please note that Convenience Fee for payment gateway will be additionally charged

    Important Dates

    Activity Date
    Start date for Online Application Last week of August 2020
    Last date for Online Application Second Week of September 2020
    Online Interview Applicants will be informed via email
    Last date for payment of fees Selected Participant names to be informed via email
    Tentative Start date of the course Last week of September 2020
    Tentative End date of the course Last week of November 2020


    Is the program 100 % online?

    It is a 100 % synchronous, i.e. live online program. We will have all the interactions via online mode- which will be LIVE. The live sessions will be recorded and those who miss the online LIVE session can access the recorded sessions.

    What is this program? What will be the certification given if one successfully completes the program?

    It’s an 8-week online certification program on –‘Fundamentals of Management’, offered by SIBM-Pune. All successful participants would get a ‘Certificate in Fundamentals of Management’ stating he/she has successfully completed the program. This certificate will be given by SIBM-Pune.

    What is the eligibility criteria to pursue this course?

    Anyone who is pursuing his / her graduation or has successfully completed his / her graduation can apply for this course.

    Work experience is not mandatory as this is basic course on Management, but if one has some work experience then they will find this program very interesting as they would be able to relate theory to practice.

    What is the validity of this course?

    This certificate will be of immense value as it will showcase your knowledge in Management. It will be recognized by the corporates as it is a program offered by SIBM Pune which has tremendous brand value as well as numerous alumni who are in senior positions across leading companies in India as well as internationally thanks to the programs they have done with SIBM Pune

    How will this program be useful to me?

    This will be accepted as one of your achievements while you apply for your MBA programs for SIBM if you are looking to take admission to any of the regular programs offered by SIBM Pune (MBA Regular or MBA I & E or MBA L & S). And if you are working in the corporate, then it gives you a set of basic functional knowledge related to Management. Today any corporate wants measurement, and expect even engineers who join them to understand aspects like Return on Investment, Marketing Opportunity etc. One can understand on aspects related to business decisions taken and its impact on business and accordingly this course will help anyone to fine-tune their approach- by understand the fundamental of Management.

    ‘There are other Institutes which offer similar programs’, why SIBM- Pune?

    Today the options a plethora in number, but SIBM-Pune is a reputed B School and is known for imparting management education, and hence it will make a lot of value by taking a certification from a school which is known in the country. You must remember that SIBM Pune is one of the Top 10 Pvt. B-Schools in India.

    How is a candidate selected for this program?

    Any candidate who is already a graduate or is pursuing graduation will be eligible to apply. We would short list the candidate by taking his / her online interview.

    What if I miss a lecture?

    The recording of the live lecture will be posted on the website for viewing later, in case you miss the session.

    What is the cost of the application and what is the cost of the program?

    The application fee is Rs.250 (Two hundred and fifty) + applicable GST and the payment gateway charges and is non-refundable. Those who are selected for the program will be informed and they will be required to pay the program fee of Rs.5000 + applicable GST and the payment gateway charges. This fee includes –paid access to TWO COURSERA courses (listed below) for which the participants will be given access.

    Creative Thinking - Techniques and tools for success from Imperial College, London

    High Impact Business Writing from University of California - Irvine

    What will I get if I pay for this course?

     If you pay for this course, you will have access to all of the features and content you need to earn a Course Certificate. If you complete the course successfully, your electronic certificate will be emailed to you 15 days of course completion date, you can print your certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile. The participants will also get paid access to TWO COURSERA courses (listed below)

    Creative Thinking - Techniques and tools for success from Imperial College, London

    High Impact Business Writing from University of California - Irvine

    When will I have access to the lectures and assignments?

    Once you are selected for the course and have paid the fees you’ll have access to the live scheduled classes, all videos (after the recorded videos of the live sessions are posted on the site), quizzes and other reference material.

    How will the evaluation be done?

    Each subject will have three MCQ timed quizzes held in the duration of duration of the course. Hence there will be a total of 30 quizzes (10 subjects x 3 quizzes per subject). Participants will need to score a minimum of 50% in the aggregate to successfully achieve the completion.

    Can I take Week-2 course without completing Week-1 contents?

    Yes, you can but this will lower your chances of successful completion. The completion of the Week’s course means attending all the classes and completing the week’s evaluation quizzes.

    Can I take Week-2 course after completing Week-1 contents in the same week?

    No. Since this is a live synchronous program you can only attend the sessions as and when they are scheduled. If you view the video recordings ‘post facto’, you will miss the timed quizzes.

    infrastructure is needed at my end to pursue this course?

    You must have a stable internet connection with a decent speed which can help you join a video call. You must also have a laptop / desktop with a webcam in it.

    What internet speed is needed to attend the live session?

    To attend the live session in High Definition (HD) video quality one would need approximately 1Mbps. The actual bandwidth consumption in each audio/video call or session will vary based on several factors, such as video layout, video resolution, and video frames per second. If you don’t mind having a lower video resolution, then a lower internet speed would also be sufficient

    How often will the classes be held?

    The classes will be held for 2 hours in the evenings after working hours on all working days including Saturdays and 4 to 6 hours on Sunday. This allows the flexibility to all participants to complete their day’s work if they are working professionals. The time table will be viewable for all paid participants in advance.

    How long does it take to complete the program?

    This is an 8-week live synchronous online certification program. However, one cannot complete the course beforehand.

    What is ‘successful completion’ of the program mean?

    Successful completion of the program means attending the live online classes of all the weeks (in time) and scoring minimum 50 % in the evaluation quizzes.

    What if I need additional time to complete the course?

    Not a problem - Course fee payments provide 180 days (6 months) of access to the content (Video). You will not be eligible for the certificate if u do not complete the course within 8 weeks- which is the stipulated schedule for the course

    Can I take this course for free?

    No. This is a paid course.

    What is the refund policy?

    Once the content of the course is shared with you no refunds will be possible.


    Ms. Saee Gokhale

    Coordinator online course.