Title:Understanding Consumer Behaviour Towards Utilization Of Online Food Delivery Platforms Year: 2019

Authors: Panse C., Rastogi S., Sharma A., Dorji N.b
Journal: Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
Publication date: 2019 August
Publisher: Little Lion Scientific
URL: click here


The main purposes of this study are to provide a comprehensive relationship between consumer attitudes toward online food ordering. This study adopted quantitative research with primary data collected through a questionnaire with online food delivery platforms and customer based on their knowledge, attitudes, perspectives, and needs of online food delivery services. In this research paper, the reserachers examined the growth of food aggregator industry. Researchers also have examined the business model these companies follow and its effect on the conventional restaurant business in India. This study aims at the behaviour of customers towards online food delivery platforms that are fast changing the food retailing landscape across India. Hence, the study focuses on exploring the drivers of consumer behaviour towards online food delivery apps. The study identifies a research model having seven independent variables and two dependent variables. The independent variables comprise of, Control, Credibility, Convenience, Ease of Informativeness, Technology Anxiety, need for Interaction and Pleasure. The dependent variables comprise of consumer satisfaction and consumer intentions. Partial Least Squares (PLS) analysis using Smart PLS software is carried out to test the significance of the model. The outcome shows that factors like Convenience, Control, Technology Anxiety & Ease of Information significantly affect Consumer Satisfaction, which in-tern significantly affect the Consumer Intentions, while Convenience also significantly affect the Consumer Intentions.