Title:Understanding and managing customer engagement through social customer relationship managementYear: 2021

Authors: Lokesh Arora , Prakash Singh , Vimal Bhatt & Bhuvanesh Sharma

Journal: Journal of Decision Systems

Publication date: 10th Feb 2021

Publisher: Taylor and Farncis

URL: click here


In the present scenario of the globalised digital era, organisations have implemented social media as a methodology of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) cultivates a new relationship by engaging customers on social media sites. Old-style CRM is modernizing into SCRM, and the key responsibilities in this new marketing and business environment are Customer Engagement (CE). The present study endeavours to assess how SCRM influences CE by investigating the impact of SCRM on CE and further effect of CE on Customer Loyalty (CL), Customer Retention (CR) and Customer Satisfaction (CS). The research is descriptive in nature and self-administered questionnaire was prepared to attain the stated objectives. Primary data were collected from the diverse group of respondents, edited and analysed with the help of statistical tools SPSS and AMOS −18.0. The study concludes that CE occurs through proper CRM, resulting in CL, CR, and CS.