Twitting for talent by linking social media to employer branding in talent managementYear: 2021

Authors:Dr. Deepika Pandita
Journal: International Journal of Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals (IJHCITP)
Publication date:2021
Publisher:IGI Global
URL: click here


This paper reconnoitres and gives importance to how social networking has been tactically applied as a current means by many companies for branding their companies and inventive talent acquisition approaches in India. This research backs to the arenas of the domain talent management and has crucial suggestions for industry practitioners concerning the practicality of Social Network Websites (SNWs) to organizational branding, talent management. Interviews were taken which is a Qualitative way of getting responses from 78 focussed group discussion with HR Professionals working in information technology companies (IT) was collected. Later the data was analysed to their talent acquisition techniques that endorse the increasing consumption of (SNWs) social networking websites as part of their Talent strategy. The first SNWs practice in the field of talent management echoed the influence of SNWs in the talent acquisition process in an organization. The same has numerous diverse features. SNWs practices weren’t originally personalized for the requirements of the organization practices. The same was majorly an outcome of the restrictions of the talent acquisition and the selection method, such as time involved and the cost and partially for the reserved condition of the workforces and the innovative Internet stages. Also, the frequent routine of SNWs permitted with fresh, ground-breaking talent acquisition policies, like building an applicant`s pool resulting from the talent pool, which assisted in drawing candidates who are passive and are not keenly accessible in talent market for the reason that of their own systems. Thirdly, the internet advancement initiated as modifications in talent acquisition practices with SNWs became a vital aspect to the organizations.