Title:Transit Oriented Development around upcoming Metro Stations in Pune and Its Effect on LivabilityYear: 2019

Authors: Panse V., Panse C.,
Journal: International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering
Publication date: 2019 September
Publisher: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication
URL: click here


Due to rapid urbanisation over few decades, across the world, there is much stress on the infrastructure and transportation among the cities. For addressing issues of urban sprawl and congestion in the cities, transit oriented development (TOD) is emerging as an efficient mechanism. It principally aims for reducing car use and travel distances, by creating neighbourhoods with high density and pedestrian friendly and mixed-use design around transit stations. If effectively implemented, it can lead to sustainable development along the transit corridors. However, there are concerns, whether TOD will bring good quality of living for the residents near transit corridor. This study aims to understand the relationship between various parameters of TOD and its effect on livability in neighbourhoods near upcoming Metro corridors in Pune, India. The study tried to identify the various indicators of TOD. The effect of these indicators was analysed by applying a questionnaire survey of respondents along the metro corridor who would be the most affected due to the development. The analysis brought forth the factors affecting livability in the neighbourhood around the Metro corridor. This analysis will help to understand people’s perception, which can serve as initial reference point for sustainable planning process for future development under TOD.