Title: Theory of planned behaviour extension in adoption of social media for online shopping in India

Authors: Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma; Sunil Mishra; Vinay Nandre

Journal: International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, Vol.27 No.3

Publication date: 2022

Publisher: Inderscience

URL: click here


The purpose of writing this research paper is to study the online purchase behaviour of the consumer concerning social media. To accomplish the expected objective, the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) was executed. This research distinguished from previous research in two contexts; one, belief on privacy used in place of security to determine the attitude; second, purchase intention identified through social media instead of website or mobile. The results of the study depict that the subjective norm, attitude, and perceived behavioural control significantly influence social media purchase behaviour. Social media trustworthiness has a positive effect on attitude. However, belief in perceived privacy does not considerably change the attitude of consumers. Also, it is evident from the research that normative belief has a significant influence on subjective norms and positive belief on self-efficacy-control has a significant positive effect on perceived behavioural control.