The Relevance of Pedagogical Perspective on Students Entrepreneurial Intentions and Self-Efficacy - A Pls-Sem ApproachYear: 2020

Authors: Arpita Sharma, Sunaina Kuknor, Dr. Chetan Panse
Journal: International Journal of Modern Agriculture
Publication date: 2020-09-30
Publisher: International Journal of Modern Agriculture
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With the buzz word “Make in India” the Indian economy is now moving towards employment creation. For this entrepreneurial courses are developed which enhance the student’s entrepreneurial abilities, skills, knowledge and stimulate intentions for start-ups. From a pedagogical outlook the varied teaching methods adopted may not be in sync with the underlining notion. The paper explores how the teaching pedagogy categorised as theoretical and practical courses influences the student’s entrepreneurial intentions and self-efficacy belief in the curriculum. This paper is an attempt to validate the relationship between entrepreneurial intentions in students and their self-efficacy belief in the curriculum and pedagogy of the entrepreneurship course.