Title:Technostress in Students : Impact on Psychological Well-beingYear: 2020

Authors:Suzanne Viju Cherian, Deepika Pandita, Sonal Shree
Journal: International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
Publication date:2020
Publisher: Science and Engineering Research Support Society
URL: click here


Information and Communication technologies, also called ICTs, are a group of technological tools and devices that are used to communicate, and to create, store, disseminate, and manage information. These technologies cover all communication gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. With the rise in usage and importance of ICT in the current times, these devices have become increasingly an unavoidable part in people’s lives. ICTs today, play a significant role for students in their education. Through a study conducted on 158 participants (students above the age of 17), this paper attempts to bring out associations between technostress levels in students (stress cause by ICTs) and their well-being. It was found that in majority of the respondents, higher stress led to lower well-being scores. Additionally, higher stress levels indicated lower academic performance in comparison with the rest.