Title:Technology leadership and predicting travel agent performance Year: 2016

Authors: Anugamini Priya Srivastava Dr. Rajib Lochan Dhar
Journal: Tourism Management Perspectives
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier
URL: click here


This study primarily attempts to examine the effect of technology leadership on job performance. Intervening role of Internet self-efficacy and creative problem-solving capacity was also evaluated. Data were collected from sales agents and their supervisors from travel agencies functioning in Uttarakhand region and were analysed using confirmatory factor analysis and hierarchical regression analysis. Results revealed that technology leadership indirectly influenced job performance of sales agents through the mediating role of Internet self-efficacy. Creative problem solving capacity positively moderated between Internet self-efficacy and job performance. The limitations of this study paves way for future studies and the findings of this study contributes towards practical and theoretical implications.