Technological profile of retailers in IndiaYear: 2016

Authors: G Aradhana
Journal: Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Indian Journal of Science and Technology
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Technology will play a significant role in improving the efficiencies of supply chains’ of retailers and therefore the success of the organized retail stores. This study tries to identify the level of utilization of various retail technologies by retailers and the upcoming technologies which will drive business in the future in the Indian context. Questionnaire based study was conducted to ascertain the level of current technological adoption and future technological outlook for 35 retail firms. A follow up telephonic call was made to the technological heads of retailers to collect qualitative data in terms of the technologies that retailers would need to equip themselves to survive in the coming 3 years along with the upcoming technologies in the retail arena. Findings: The study highlights that most of the retailers are using technologies in operational areas like direct broadcast satellite technologies, communication and data sharing technologies, security and safety related technologies, on-line shopping services and enterprise resource planning related technologies. But technologies in the area of customer tracking and customer relationship management and supply chain management have not seen widespread adoption as compared to the adoption by multinational retailers. The upcoming technologies which technology heads mentioned that they would adopt in the coming years is Mobility related technologies, Queue busting technologies and Omni channel.