Title:Sustainable Restoration Strategies for Rivers Mula-Mutha, Pune, India – Adaptive Learnings from Global River Restoration Experiences and Thematic Analysis.Year: Forthcoming

Authors: Urvashi G Dhingra, Madhura Bedarkar, Prakash Rao
Journal: International Journal of Business and Globalisation
Publication date: Forthcoming
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers
URL: click here


This study explores the causal link between the drivers and impacts of pollution in Mula-Mutha rivers and further recommends sustainable restoration strategies for these rivers based on the Drivers-Pressure- State- Impact- Response (DPSIR) framework. It also draws learnings from twenty degraded rivers across the globe with respect to their drivers, corresponding pressures, and restoration strategies and identifies a pool of thirteen best practices to guide Mula-Mutha restoration efforts. To understand specific issues associated with Mula- Mutha rivers, the study organized eighteen semi-structured interviews, and performed thematic analysis to explore themes for each component of the DPSIR framework. Finally, the study recommends suitable response strategies for sustainable restoration of Mula-Mutha rivers. The paper strengthens understanding of river restoration practices and supports policy-making by providing a set of sustainable river restoration strategies for urban, degraded rivers.