Sustainable careers: creating a framework of talent acquisition practicesYear: 2019 (forthcoming)

Authors: Deepika Pandita, Ritesh Khatwani
Journal:International Journal of Business and Globalisation
Publication date: Forthcoming
Publisher:Inderscience Publishers
URL: click here


Human resource has been identified as one of the most important factors in creating sustainable and successful organizations. The focus of researchers in this regard has, by and large, been strategic and towards enduring change and competition in the long run. With such a focus there emerges a visible gap in terms of sustainability at an operational level in terms of day to day issues. The present research is conceptual in nature. It tries to address this gap by providing a model to bring sustainability to human resource practices like talent acquisition and its impact on sustainable careers. Organizations, practitioners, and academia may apply the model. The paper identifies few sustainable talent acquisition practices, some of which have the potential to greatly improve existing processes and may be implemented by contemporary organizations to make sustainable careers as a vital HR practice.