Title: A Study of The Impact of On-line Shopping on Mall Shopping - An Empirical Study of Bhopal CityYear: 2014

Authors: Deepak Tiwari, Supriti Dubey, Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma

Journal: International Journal of Management Prudence

Publication date: 2014

Publisher: Publishing India

URL: click here


Indian retail industry is one of the largest growing industries which is growing 12% annually and expected to grow at a pace of 25 to 30 % annually. The current market size of Indian retail industry is about US$ 500 bn (Source: IBEF) and is expected to grow at the rate of 15-20% p.a. That component, in which retail (both organized and unorganized) is the dominant activity, accounts for around 18% of Indias GDP. The Indian retail Industry broadly categorized into organized retail and unorganized retail, as well as, e-retail a new phenomenon, is getting pace, though slowly yet steadily. The organized retail comprises 4% in the overall retail sales in India remaining 96% came from unorganized retail. This study aims to identify the impacts of e-retail on organized retail. Present study based is based on both the primary and secondary data. Primary data was gathered through a structured questionnaire duly filled by the 100 respondents which includes Retailers as well as Shoppers of Bhopal city. For the purpose of the analysis of data, as a tool Regression, graphical presentation has been used through the SPSS. This study clearly points out that the organized retail is facing hard competition from the e-retailers. E-retailing has reduced their sales as well as profit and in hand to hand, employment also considerably.