Title:Stimulating academic optimism- Instrument to effective teaching and learning Year: 2019

Authors: Anugamini Priya Srivastava, Uta M. Stelson
Journal: Challenges and Opportunities in Global Approaches to Education
Publication date: 2019
Publisher: IGI Global
URL: click here


This study attempts to provide the bibliography and future agenda of a school attribute: academic optimism. Academic optimism refers to a tool used in the hands of school teachers to attain student achievement which can help side-line their socio-economic status. In other words, it explains teachers' belief in self, colleagues, and students in order to manage change in student outcomes. The study evaluates the different taxonomies used within the concept of academic optimism through a comprehensive review of existing literature located in different databases. However, only English language full-text articles available in online databases between the periods of 2000-2019 were considered in this study. The result provided significant lines for future studies that can be conducted in this area by examining publications in 39 journals and 19 countries. Since the topic was considered as key school attribute to achieve student achievement and school effectiveness, this study provides the contextual gaps where future studies can be conducted. The result indicated that most of the research underlying the selected papers on the topic was conducted in developed nations rather than developing nations. The current analysis will contribute understanding in two ways: first it adds value to highlight the conceptual gap available in the literature; second, the gaps identified will pave the way for future research. Practically, this study provides ways for policy makers and other constituents involved in education to design their academic curriculum and motivate their faculty to remain academically optimistic.