Title:Spiritual Intelligence as a Predictor of Organizational Sustainability: Mediating Role of Academic Optimism

Authors: Poornima Tapas, and Soma Kulshrestha
Journal: SAMVAD International Journal of Management
Publication date: 2019 June
Publisher: SAMVAD International Journal of Management
URL: click here


Recent assertions and ideas have emphasized that mind is not a thing but a process, the process of cognition, which is identified with the process of life. The brain has a specific structure through which this process operates. Unlike Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.), which computers have, and Emotional Quotient (E.Q.) which exists in higher mammals, Spiritual Quotient (S.Q.) is uniquely human and the most fundamental of the SQ, EQ & IQ. It is linked to humanity’s need for meaning. Attempts to understand SQ (measure of Spiritual Intelligence, SI) is of paramount importance in the new millennium. Spiritual intelligence is a way of thinking which enables longing capacity for meaning, vision and value. To explore it more, this study aims to analyze the predictability of spiritual Intelligence on organizational sustainability through the mediating role of academic optimism i.e., an integrated term comprising academic emphasis, collective efficacy and trust.

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