Title: Social Customer Relationship Management: A Literature ReviewYear: 2018

Authors: Dr. Lokesh Arora, Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma

Journal: Eurasian Journal of Analytical Chemistry

Publication date: 2018 December

Publisher: Journal System

URL: click here


Due to technological advancement, traditional CRM approaches has become outdated now. In the current scenario, the customers are deciding the communication channels and driving conversations, and companies need to cuddle this shift. Social CRM is the new buzzword and an effective way to handle this innovative change. Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM) is an emerging concept that incorporates traditional CRM and social media. SCRM is equally beneficial for organisation and customers. The main objective of this paper is to present a review of scholarly literature on the benefits of social CRM for companies and factors influencing its adoption. An extensive literature review has been done to find out the benefits of Social CRM and factors influencing its adoption. To study a broad view of social CRM adoption and factors influencing its adoption, the publications of interest include scholarly journal papers from information systems and marketing disciplines and conference proceedings. In the present study, selected publications on Social Customer Relationship management were reviewed, and findings were classified into two categories: the benefits of social CRM for companies and customers, and the factors influencing CRM adoption.