Title: Smart Homes adoption in India – Value-based Adoption Approach

Authors: Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma, Sunaina Chetan Kuknor
Journal: 2021 IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions (ICTMOD)
Publication date: 28-Mar-22
Publisher: IEEE
URL: click here


Due to the emergence of technology, smart homes will be the next big thing in India. The study adopted a Value-based Adoption Model (VAM) to predict the consumer intention to use smart homes services in India. We used three constructs to measure the sacrifices and benefits: privacy risk, Technicality, perceived fees, usefulness, social inclusion, and status symbol. The effect of perceived value on Intention to use smart homes was predicted. The construct adopted from the previous studies was used to develop a structured questionnaire. We sent an electronic questionnaire to 98 respondents who were mostly aware of the technology of smart homes. The empirical model was tested by multiple linear regression with the help of SPSS software. The study concluded that the usefulness, perceived fees, and status symbol determine the perceived value, and perceived value successfully determining the Intention to use smart home services.