Small retailer’s new product acceptance in emerging market: a grounded theory approachYear: 2016

Authors:A Shaikh, A Gandhi
Journal: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: SCMHRD
URL: click here


The purpose of this paper is to propose a model of small retailers’ new product acceptance criteria using a grounded theory approach in an emerging market, India. Empirical research on retailers’ new product acceptance either takes survey design or modeling approach. This study uses grounded theory approach to systematically collect and analyze data to generate a model for the small retailers’ new product acceptance in an emerging market, India. In depth interviews with ten small retailers, five situated in small market town and five in a metro were conducted. Retail margin on offer is the first and foremost criteria considered while accepting a new product along with product and market-related factors. The small retailers spelt out the tradeoff decision on retail margins while …