Title:Role of Voters' Demographics on Framing Their Issue Priorities in Response to Political Advertising in India

Authors: Dr. Poornima Tapas, Shubhanshu Naik
Journal: International Journal of Modern Agriculture
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Modern Journals
URL: click here


Political advertising is an aid for political players to communicate with mass where a majority of people are apolitical, they possess minimal/marginal interest in politics. But, when such individuals get exposed to Political advertisements, it subconsciously helps voters to decide their issue priority (help voters to rank their needs, to make informed choices). This makes one curious to study if there is any variation in voters issue priorities against variation in their demographics. The empirical study was conducted in Pune against Indian General Elections in 2019. Findings suggest that political advertising plays a decisive role. But voters issue priorities were found independent of voters demographic profile. The study is one of the initial attempts to expand the domain of both marketing (advertising) and consumer behavior to politics and voter behavior respectively.

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