Title: Role of citizens’ engagement in sustaining citizens’perceptionn in Governnannce

Authors: Shubhanshu Naik, Dr. Poornima Tapas
Journal: International Journal of Business and Globalisation
Publication date: 2023
Publisher: Inderscience
URL: click here


As per literature citizens' engagement and participation are key constituents of citizens' satisfaction and trust. In order to ensure sustainable citizens' participation in governance, both political parties and government make multiple efforts. Study was conducted to investigate the relevance of citizens' (civic) engagement in shaping citizens' participation in governance in India. Based on literature review, authors found that there is a dearth of research which studies citizens' participation with consumer centric approach. Study findings recommend that in order to remain sustainable for both, campaign and political parties, they should raise citizens' engagement. This would help not only to create a loyal pool of citizens (voters) but will also stimulate citizens' participation and turnout. Findings also propose that political players should design innovative ways of political engagement using tools of integrated marketing communication. Findings of this study may act as a feedback mechanism for raising maximum citizens' participation.