Title:Locus of Control: Conceptualization, Application and Predictive Ability-A Literature Review

Authors: Lakshmi Murthy, Dr. Poornima Tapas
Journal: Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQI)
Publication date: 2021
Publisher: Science Research Society
URL: click here


Julian Rotterconceptualized the concept of Locus of Control as well as its scale based on previous research in areas ofbehaviouralcontrol, reinforcements and its impact on outcomes. The perception ofreward or reinforcement or gratification is a result ofan individual’s behaviouror attribute. It can also becontingent upon external factors or non-behaviourfactors (Rotter, 1966).Locus of control (LOC) as a personality trait measure isapplied widely to study various aspects like an achievement, performance, academic excellence, job satisfaction, job search, learning and developmentetc. There arelimited studies with women as a subject of research,especially in the case of career women and their LOC. Most of these studies have conflicting, confusing findings,and some are inconclusive too.Thepurpose of this paper isto construct an objective summary of the research evidence(Wallston & Wallston, 1978)availableon the concept of locus of controland its application atthe workplaceconcerningwomen, their career management and growth.The reason for developingsuch body of knowledge is to utilizethe academic research in enabling women to scale the career heights up to the corporate boardlevelsespecially in India.In the context of the growing Indian economy and opportunitiesavailable to women, understanding the drivers to growth will be useful.Thecurrent literature on the subject is dominated withthe western world point of view.Key Words : Locus of Control, Women, Career, Achievement,Personality Traits