Literature review on impact of CRM, SRM, information sharing and goal congruence on retail-SCMYear: 2016

Authors: A Gandhi
Journal: Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Indian Journal of Science and Technology
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Literature review has been conducted in the area of Supply Chain Management (SCM) to comprehend the various Supply Chain Management Practices (SCMPs), adopted by firms and how these can impact the performance of the organization and thus be a source of competitive advantage to the firm. Additionally, the SCMPs, which are particularly relevant for the retail sector, were identified and a conceptual retail supply chain model was proposed for further validation. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A total of 100 selected refereed journal articles were systematically studied. Findings: A couple of key findings emerged; there are several research articles on SCM in the manufacturing sector, but the field is relatively new with reference to the Retail-SCM. The literature review aids to develop an understanding of the relevant Retail-SCMPs which have an impact on SCP and FP. The proposed conceptual model can then be validated through multivariate data analysis. Applications/Improvements: The findings and subsequent methodological discussions aim at providing practical guidance to Retail–SCM researchers and practioners.