Innovations in Induction Practices: Emerging Trends in Digitalized OrganizationsYear: 2020

Authors:Amneet Kaur, Deepika Pandita
Journal: International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)
Publication date:2020
Publisher:Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication
URL: click here


The aim of this paper is to examine the importance of the Induction program and how new hires can be effectively integrated into the teams and can be set up for success in working with their colleagues and the company as a whole. Once the recruitment and hiring process is completed, good management of the first day of the new employee can ensure a smooth transition. The paper will shed light on the work to be done before Day1 and how to create good experiences for the first day, week, month and three months. The paper is built on a review of literature in the domain of employee Induction, sometimes known as organizational socialization. In order to arrive at a series of activities to be done to help new employees gain the knowledge, skills, behaviors and necessary connections to become an effective member of the organization, the author has reviewed the existing body of work on the subject. There is a good amount of work to do to ensure that the new employee really hits the ground running. After analyzing the existing literature, the author has arrived at distinct kinds of information new hires need to be given long before their first day of job and has addressed many of the tasks that need to be completed internally before new hires arrival.