Title:Influencer Marketing an Instrument to Proliferation of the Digital OccurrenceYear: 2021

Authors: Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma, Vimal Bhatt, Lokesh Arora
Journal:International Journal of Enterprise Network Management
Publication date: 2021
Publisher: Inderscience
URL: click here


Influencer marketing received prominence as a mighty device for brands to connect with consumers because of the high belief aspect that social influencers shared with their audiences. The purposes of this research are to find out consumer preference for particular social media channels for influencing marketing, what would be the right run time and the influence of influencing marketing on creating purchase intent to the consumers. The outcome of this research suggested that influencer marketing is very effective among youngsters and YouTube is the most preferred social media channel to get influences. The study suggested that the organizations able to develop trust in users through influencer marketing and evening after 7 PM is the most preferred time when users are most active on social media and to get influenced. Further, the study also suggested that influencing marketing is more effective in creating purchase intent among young consumers.