Title:Implementation of Blockchain in the Humanitarian Supply Chain- Benefits and BlockadesYear: 2020

Authors: Utkarsha Khadke, Shilpa Parkhi
Journal: Psychology and Education
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Scopus
URL: click here


Management of humanitarian supply chains have been a complex task due to multiple challenges arising due to the government regulations, lack of supplies, delayed deliveries, etc. With the advent of a major humanitarian crisis brought by COVID-19, a lot of significance have given to managing the humanitarian supply chains in a modernized way. Though humanitarian supply chain is not a new concept yet the adoption of blockchain into its operations is gaining momentum. This paper aims to establish how the blockchain tehnology can be implemented in the humanitarian supply chain and its operational benefits by throughly understanding the major contributing factors to the success of the humanitarian supply chain by analysing its distribution channel, stakeholders involved and challenges that needs to be alleviated. In this paper, we have also discussed the major barriers in the execution of this technology into these supply chains by analysing the complexity of the humanitarian supply chain and the existing literature for the same.