Impact of Hackathons on Employee Engagement in the IT OrganisationsYear: 2020

Authors:Milind Bhore, Deepika Pandita, Swati Tayal, Dhruva Pathak
Journal: International Journal of Modern Agriculture
Publication date:2020
Publisher: International Journal of Modern Agriculture
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IT organisations operate in a very fast paced and highly competitive environment. Employees of the organisation are critical assets of the organisation. There is a crunch of talent with the right skills, in the market. Turnaround time for the business is reduced by the ever demanding clients and this creates a huge pressure on the organisations to deliver the best with the least and within the fastest time. Talent and work both are no more readily available in the market and there is a huge competition to grab both. IT organisations hunt for the best of talent in the market and are willing to invest for skills in demand. They face a great pressure and challenge in on-boarding employees besides attrition is high. In such an environment, engaging the current work force is extremely important. The workforce in the IT sector is knowledgeable and talented. They feel excited to work on real time business challenges and work in teams to develop innovative solutions and applications. It is extremely challenging to keep the young workforce excited and engaged at work continuously. Organisations adopt to various innovative interventions to engage the talent positively and leverage their skills and strengths to their competitive advantage to succeed in the market.