Title: Identifying Attributes and Key Dimensions of Student Support Systems to increase satisfaction of Students in e-Learning Course - An Empirical study from LiteratureYear: 2017

Authors: Dr. Prashant Barge, Dr. Shilpa Parkhi
Journal: International Journal of Innovations & Advancement in Computer Science
Publication date: Nov. 2017 Vol. 6 (11)
Publisher: Academic Science
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Many universities all across the world currently want to improve the performance of their e-Learning initiatives/courses. E-Learning has become an important part of the education process now days from Primary to Post graduate. It is growing as a popular medium in supporting21 st century students to acquire Knowledge in best possible manner (Lee, B. C., Yoon, J. O., & Lee, I., 2009). Many researchers have spoken about the role of Student Support Services in e-Learning. It has a major role to play in the success of all such online initiatives from different levels of education (Alias 2005, Farajollahi, M., &Moenikia, M., 2010). As said by Sener and Humbert (2003); student satisfaction is vital element in successful e-Learning programs because student centricity matters in such platforms. With respect to students' experiences, as stated by Paechter, M. et. al. (2010); counseling and support were the best prognosticators for learning, achievement and satisfaction. Students' satisfaction ultimately leads to completion of the course which increases achievement motivation also. This in turn helps to reduce the attrition rates in e-Learning course as revealed by Martinez, M. (2003).