Grounded theory in management research: through the lens of gender-based pay disparityYear: 2021

Authors: P Goyal, S Bhattacharya, A Gandhi
Journal: Journal of Advances in Management Research
Publication date: 2021
Publisher: Emerald
URL: click here


The purpose of this study is to apply grounded theory in management research in the context of gender-based pay disparity and showcase the applicability of the method in deriving a new theory toward describing the factors responsible for the slow career advancement of women compared to men across various employment sectors. This study is focused mainly in the northern part of India. A cross-sectional qualitative study was conducted across participants chosen by purposive sampling. Data were collected through in-depth interviews after taking informed consent with an inclusion criterion of some years of work experience. Grounded theory method was used to analyze the data found through qualitative research. Through the grounded theory research method, an in-depth understanding of factors responsible for pay disparity as faced by women at work has emerged. Also, factors responsible for the slow career advancement of women employees viz. social construct of gender, workplace representation of gender, perceptions/perspectives of managers regarding genders, lack of multi-step affirmative actions have also emerged from the data.