Title: Financial Inclusion: Impact of Accessibility, Availability, and Usage of Financial Services- a Study on Household Workers in Madhya Pradesh, India Year: 2021

Authors: Bhuvanesh Kumar Sharma; Pooja Jain

Journal: International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management

Publication date: 2021

Publisher: Inderscience Publishers

URL: click here


The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the impact of the availability of finance, the source of finance and usage of finance on financial inclusion in the different demography of people. This study had made an attempt to throw a light on availability, accessibility, and usage of financial services to the household worker in the selected study area, i.e., Gwalior city. Exploratory factor analysis is used to uncover several factors which need to be considered for the purpose of financial inclusion. The re-standardised questionnaire used on the basis of Likert type scale for evaluating the accessibility, availability, and usage of financial services. The data was analysed through statistical techniques; reliability analysis, T-test, analysis of variance and linear regression, with the help of SPSS software. It can be concluded from the study that the demographic variables have significantly differ in accessibility, availability, and source of financial services.