Title:Factors Influencing Product Returns in e-commerce Platforms Year: 2020

Authors: Udit Chandra Khorwal, Ayush Gupta, Chetan Panse
Journal: International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
Publication date: 2020
Publisher: Science & Engineering Research Support Society
URL: click here


India is seeing a shift in the buying behaviour of consumers from offline shops and stores to online e-commerce sites. While e-commerce grows at a rapid pace in India, product returns remain a major challenge due to logistical issues. It adds to the operational cost of these platforms. The purpose of this paper is to find out what are major factors responsible for product returns by consumers for products ordered from e- commerce sites. This paper will help in identifying the problems that the consumers face during the purchase cycle. Companies can work on these problems to enhance the customer experience and also reduce losses. Data was collected by surveying the respondents through an online questionnaire. Likert scale was used to assess the importance of each of the factors. Through statistical analysis we have determined the importance and relevance of each of the factors.