Title:Extending the TAM Model: Intentionof management students to use mobile banking: Evidence from India.Year: 2017

Authors: V.V. Ravi Kumar, Anurag Lall and Tanmay Mane
Journal: Global Business Review
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Global Business Review
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The educated youth in India have adapted well to technology and technology-based solutions. Much of it has been attributed to the increased usage of computers, Internet and the smartphones among the educated youth in India. It becomes a useful and important exercise, therefore, to study their attitude towards new technology-based products and services in view of the fact that this segment has a requirement for utilizing banking services for at least the next 30 years. Banking has been one industry which has been in the forefront in offering technology-based delivery channels like ATM, Internet banking and mobile banking. This article studies the underlying factors influencing management students in their intention to use mobile banking. The study utilizes two constructs of the technology adoption model and then extends it further to include two additional constructs. The results suggest that perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use, social influence and trust propensity are the underlying factors in respect of the behavioural intention to use mobile banking services.