Title:Exploring Key Gender Diversity Practices Which Act as Determinants of Organizational Attractiveness in Indian IT SectorYear: 2018

Authors:Dr. Shree Sonal, Mr. Arora Hullas, Mr. Khan Attaul
Journal:ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Publication date:2018
Publisher:Indian Journals
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This paper deals with two research question, viz. the key practices which play a significant role when it comes to choosing to stick with any organization, and how do the males and the female employees rate and perceive these policies when it comes to choosing their employer. It is about organizational attractiveness that draws new talent and retains the existing ones. The top factors have been identified using statistical tools. The research was based on exploring factors aimed at increasing gender diversity in any IT/ITES organization and its impact with respect to attractiveness of the organization as a prospective/long term employer. Another objective was to ascertain the satisfaction of the current IT sector workforce towards various propositions which companies offer in order to become a gender friendly choice of employer. Moreover, the study also explored so as to which factors can contribute the most in altering Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) to achieve being a “preferred” employer while fostering gender friendly practices.